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Workforce Data Analyst [WDA] was a former Supervisor rank. Their duties include recording the number of staff members in each rank and also making sure that Training Session times are equal, meaning no matter what time zone players are in, they can have the chance to be trained.

Workforce Data Analysts could host Qualified Driver, Dispatcher and Signaller Trainings with the approval from the Department Managers. The Line Manager for this rank was the Head of Workforce Development and the Line Director was the People Director.


This rank was created as a result of the two candidates for the Head of Workforce Development post, JoshuaJohansson and JiveOff, both being seen as strong candidates. JoshuaJohansson's presentation was more focused towards numbers linked to and effect by the operations and improving this side whereas JiveOff focused more on the data and forecasting. The Head of Workforce Development was offered to JiveOff and the Workforce Data Analyst role was created for JoshuaJohansson to act as link between the Head of Workforce Development and the Operations Director in ensuring that the numbers and statistics were being linked to the operations of the group.

Shortly after, Thewelsh1 was also offered to join the team to help link JiveOff's statistical reports to operational changes to the group. They both continued in this role for a few months, but a decision was made to retire the role as there was not as much of an effect being made by this as hoped. Both JoshuaJohansson and Thewelsh1 were transferred to Mobile Operations Supervisor as it was phased out.


  • There were only ever two Workforce Data Analysts hired, this makes it one of the rarest ranks to have achieved apart from Security Officer which only had one official staff member.
  • Head of Workforce Development and Workforce Data Analyst were introduced on the same day, when V1.1 got released.
  • Some of the ideas proposed by the Workforce Data Analysts included a redo of the training system and introduction of a knowledge test before practical training which now are part of the training system.
  • When first introduced, the Workforce Data Analyst rank did not have signalling permission so JoshuaJohansson could not signal when they first began their duties in the role despite having transferred into the role from being a Senior Signaller.