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Removed item/feature

There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.


Winstree is a former, now demolished, station that existed in Stepford County Railway between November 29th, 2017 and April 21st, 2018, when it was demolished and replaced by Leighton Stepford Road in The Big Update. It was served by Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central (then known as Stepford Town).

This station has become an icon because it is currently the only station in the whole of the Stepford County Railway to have served the network and to have closed. Many people were sad that the station has gone and, at the time, there were many farewell events hosted by staff.

Reports say that Winstree was removed as Jadey_SR (Formerly Jade_AWest & Ashley_CHarding), an old developer at SCR requested its removal after Charlie_RBX, the owner shared plans of continuing SCR for profit. Although not a direct cause, another different old SCR dev uncopylocked the game, which was a secondary factor.

Right before the removal, people gathered around the station, organizing a farewell event saying goodbye to Winstree for good. Images can be found in the gallery.

Former Platform Layout



1 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Stepford Town (Stepford Central)
3 Not in use
5 Stepford Connect services from Winstree Depot (Leighton Depot) to Stepford Town (Stepford Central)
7 Not in use


  • Some of the platforms had a sign with a "HS" logo signifying an old, abandoned project called HighSpeed.
  • Because there was a depot at Winstree, trains needed to get out. Platforms 5 and 6 were used for that reason.
  • Platform 7 was originally intended to be for services terminating from Llyn-by-the-Sea, but this never happened.
  • This station was designed to be like Colchester, a real station on the Greater Anglia network in East Anglia.