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The train now approaching Platform 4 terminates here!

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See also: Willowfield Mainline Depot

Willowfield Station Depot is a depot next to and facing Willowfield. This depot was added in SCR Version 1.7.1.

Depot Component

Depot Slot Routes Platform at Willowfield
Willowfield Station Depot R028, R030, R031, R032, R035, R036 Platforms 1/2/3


  • This depot is used by players to grind points (spawning, driving to Willowfield, completing a 'route' and receiving 10 points, despawning and doing the same thing) , as it is a very short distance from its eponymous station, where players can receive 10 points a minute, as Willowfield is a terminus.
  • Although this depot is called Willowfield Station Depot, the small shed between the mainline and the depot displays Willowfield Carriage Sidings.
  • There is a Class 377 parked at the depot, but bizarrely, one end shows its TOPS classification as a Class 387, and the other end shows its classification as a Class 377. This is likely to be a bug originating from the fact that the Class 377's model is the same model as the one as the Class 387.