Whitney Green is a through station. It is served by WaterLine services to Newry, Benton and Greenslade.


Platform 1 WaterLine services to Greenslade
Platform 2 WaterLine services to Newry and Benton
Platform 3 Not in use
(disused TramLink terminating tracks)
Platform 4


  • Whitney Green has remained almost the exact same since it was first opened; the only changes are the park and the buildings.
  • This station is one of three stations seen in the intro in V1.0. The others are Stepford Airport Central and Rocket Parade. Since V1.1, It has been replaced to Stepford East to seen in the intro. The others are Stepford Airport West and Rocket Parade (this station is still in the intro because of the BanTech Systems building).
  • This station & Morganstown Docks are the only stations on the SCR network where the platforms are only long enough for 3 coaches, the 4th coach slightly hangs off the platform. The platforms here are in fact the shortest in SCR.
  • You can walk to Beaulieu Park on Connect from this station, which could mean Beaulieu Park is the green in Whitney. It is technically an interchange station between Connect and WaterLine.
  • The line at Whitney Green to Greenslade has been electrified after V1.4.1.
  • Strangely, the TramLink tracks have also been electrified. This implies that the idea that most people think TramLink will never be in operation may not be true.
  • The scenery in between here and Greenslade have also been updated.
  • The Class 195/1 fits perfectly on the platform.


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