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Whitefield is a terminus station at the end of the Whitefield Branch. This station is served by Stepford Connect services to Beechley and Stepford Central.

Track & Platform Layout

-] Terminus

Platforms/Tracks Services/Use
1 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Beechley and Stepford Central
-] Occupied by Class 170


Platform(s) Previous station Route Next station
1-3 Houghton Rake
Connect Emoji.png R020
to Stepford Central
Woodhead Lane
Connect Emoji.png R022
to Beechley

Announcements of Whitefield

Stepford Connect
There are no Whitefield announcements for Waterline
AirLink & Stepford Express


  • The former design of this station was the design from before V1.2 was released. This made the station look low quality and rushed. The only differences were the CIS boards, the Concourse Information Boards and the Stepford Connect signs. This was changed in V1.4.1 when the station was renovated.
  • This station received an entrance in the V1.4.1 update.
  • Before the renovation in V1.4.1, this station lacked scenery compared to other stations on the branch. It had no roads, paths, proper entrance, nor buildings next to the station.
  • When this station was renovated in the V1.4.1 update, the station's pillars were changed from Metro red to Stepford Connect former turquoise.
  • Before the second upgrade in V1.8, this station somewhat resembled Connolly on Waterline, being a branch line terminus with 3 platforms. The ticket hall areas were also similar.
  • Even though the station Whitefield Lido has the term "Whitefield" in its name, it is nowhere close to this station. This station is 3 stations apart from Whitefield Lido.
  • This station has step-free access.
  • Before V1.6, this station had a large "Welcome to Whitefield" sign outside. A similar sign could also be seen at Westercoast. They were replaced by plain station signs, identical to those seen on the platforms.
  • Players can walk from here to Willowfield.
  • This station was well known for the closed Metro shop right outside the station (this indicates that Metro will never return).
    • However, in V1.8, the Metro commercial building was demolished with the second Whitefield upgrade.
  • This station was heavily speculated to receive a second upgrade in V1.8, due to a sneak peek releasing on the 21st November 2021. However it was unconfirmed until the new version's release that the station did indeed receive a second upgrade consisting of a larger station entrance building, a hidden side entrance, covered parking lot, revamped scenery and wider platforms with a new track layout with a large open depot to the side.
  • Before V1.8, the station was sneak peeked with Route Indicators, however, they did not come into V1.8. A sneak peek with tracks curving to a terminal station surrounded by scenery as well as a train wash on one of the tracks was released on the 22nd of November 2021 on the Discord server, this was eventually confirmed to be Whitefield on V1.8's release.
  • Before the second overhaul in V1.8, the island platform was made up of Platform 1 and 2. Now, it is made up of Platform 2 and 3.
  • When players leave this station towards Houghton Rake/Woodhead Lane, there is graffiti on the bridge that says "Matty Wuz 'Ere": a nod to the fact that former Product Developer Mattyx2013 designed the station.
  • This station is one of the two stations to have a stabled train directly next to/in it, the other being Connolly.
  • This station had services to Stepford Victoria before V1.8, but R022 had its terminus changed to Beechley. Therefore if passengers want to get to Stepford Victoria, they must change trains at Stepford UFC, Stepford Central or Beechley.