Whitefield is a terminus station served by Stepford Connect. Trains from here serve Stepford Central and Stepford Victoria. This is the terminal along the latest to open Whitefield branch line, serving Houghton Rake, Woodhead Lane, Stepford UFC, Whitefield Lido, and Stepford High Street, where it joins the mainline.

Platform Layout

Platform 1 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central and Stepford Victoria.
Platform 2
Platform 3


  • The original design of the station before being released is actually still the same design. This makes the station rather basic in quality. The only differences are the CIS boards, the Concourse Information Boards, and the Connect signs.
  • Next Generation Class 465 & Class 331 & New Whitefield

    Upgraded Whitefield with Next Generation Class 465 and Class 331

    There is no proper entrance to the station; it is just a little building with 3 platforms.
  • In addition, this station is highly lacking scenery compared to the other stations on the branch, it has no road, path, or even building next to the station.
  • The model used for Whitefield was taken from the game 'The Leeds Lines' in which it portrayed the real station 'Bradford Forster Square'.
  • This station is getting its long awaited renovation soon along with new sceneries.


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