Westwyvern is a railway station served by Stepford Connect services to Stepford Victoria, Willowfield, Stepford Central, St Helens Bridge, Leighton Stepford Road and Llyn-by-the-Sea and Stepford Express services to Stepford Central and Llyn-by-the-Sea.

It was added in V1.4 as part of the extension to Llyn-by-the-Sea.

It is a major station on the Llyn extension because some services terminate at this station and it is one of the few stations served by Stepford Express.

Track & Platform Layout

[- Terminus

>> Passing service direction





>> Stepford Connect services to Llyn-by-the-Sea
2 Stepford Express services to Llyn-by-the-Sea
<< Stepford Express services to Stepford Central
4 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Leighton Stepford Road, St Helens Bridge and Willowfield

Terminating, Stepford Express services to Stepford Central via Morganstown

5 Stepford Connect services to Leighton Stepford Road, Stepford Central, Willowfield and Stepford Victoria


  • This station has the least amount of scenery in the entire Llyn extension.
  • There is a very short platform, on the opposite side of Platform 4, next to platform 5. However, trains do not open their doors on that platform as it is way too short for most trains.
  • This station, along with Millcastle, were the two stations on the Llyn-by-the-Sea extension that were not revealed on the SCR Official Discord server before opening.
  • In V1.4.1, the station signs on the platforms are changed from Stepford Connect versions to Stepford Express versions, making Westwyvern the first station on the Network with Stepford Express station signs. Plus, the entrance of this station has been rebuilt, and the seating area at the entrance has been removed.
    • In V1.4.1, you can walk through the walls of the footbridge at this station, which was likely caused by developers forgetting to enable collision in Studio. This gets frustrating for players because they might fall onto the tracks and respawn. This was fixed in V1.7. However, the walls of the elevators of the footbridge are still non-collidable.
  • This is the first station to ever be managed by Stepford Express. The second is Leighton Stepford Road.
    • Strangely, the sign outside the station still showed Stepford Connect under the National Rail logo until V1.6.
    • The stations were both formerly managed by Stepford Connect.
  • During V1.4.1 and V1.6.5, although this station was managed by Stepford Express, dispatchers at this station were given the SCR General DS shirt, i.e. the uniform worn by dispatchers at stations managed by Network Rail, despite that this station is not operated by Network Rail. This is probably due to no Stepford Express dispatcher uniforms were available at that time. This was changed in v1.7 when the Dispatcher uniforms are being updated.
  • Before Faymere Green TMD was released, trains that wanted to terminate here had to use the now defunct Coxly Depot.
  • With the release of V1.7, Stepford Express services can now terminate here by driving Routes/R082.
  • This station is one of ten stations with only island platforms, the others being Airport Terminal 3, Stepford High Street, Stepford United Football Club, Benton Bridge, West Benton, Greenslade, Stepford East, Stepford Victoria and Beechley.


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