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=== Future ===
=== Future ===
* No WaterLine Stations has been comfirmed yet.
* [[Morganstown]] (for shuttle)
=== Former ===
=== Former ===

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WaterLine is a minor operator of rail services across the Stepford County Railway network. It is a subsidiary of Stepford Connect, and as such Connect branding is visible on multiple aspects of WaterLine including rolling stock and signage. The highest speed of all Waterline rolling stock is 100 MPH and the max speed you will see is 90 MPH.

The WaterLine network has seen major expansions since the initial opening in late 2017 between Benton and Greenslade (now one of the five routes used).

History of WaterLine


In October of 2017, Charlie_RBX, the Managing Director of SCR, stated that a new line was coming and that it would be a subsidiary of Stepford County's regional rail operator, Stepford Connect. Charlie also stated that the line would run from Benton, follow the Stepford Connect mainline to Port Benton, and continue on to a new branch line. The line's name was later revealed to be WaterLine, and the line opened around December 2017. The newly opened line, which ran from Benton to Greenslade, called at the following stations: Port Benton, Whitney Green, and Greenslade. Morganstown Docks was later opened toward the end of the year and was placed in between Port Benton and Whitney Green. At the end of the year, the new Newry branch opened with five new stations: Newry Harbour, Newry, Eden Quay, Faraday Road, and West Benton. The Class 387 was readded from Stepford Connect for Waterline services as well.


The Big Update brought a big change into the line, introducing three new fleets (Class 171, Class 319, and Class 701 [Removed]). The update also brought a new branch towards Connolly which splits off with tracks to Greenslade at Benton, calling at three new stations: Cambridge Street Parkway, Ashlan Park. and Connolly.

During December 2018, the V1.1 advent calendar was launched, and had a bunch of sneak peeks and upgrades for WaterLine, including:

  1. Classes 165 and 166 liveries were redone and tweaked.
  2. New stations: Airport West and James Street.
  3. Class 701 removed and refunded.
  4. Class 387 livery and sound change.

After the update was released, WaterLine became slightly busier, but in line with the opening of the new Morganstown branch and AirLink, the line soon lost interest and went back to the hustle and bustle of the line back in 2017 with little traffic.


On May 14, 2019, the Class 508 was released as part of the first next generation fleets in SCR as part of the Version 1.3 update alongside the Class 158 (Stepford Connect). On June 8, the Class 387 was removed from WaterLine and put on AirLink with the Class 379 replacing it. On August 21, the Class 171 was shown to become a Next-Gen train as a sneak peek in the SCR Discord.

Rolling Stock

The following list represents the current, past, and future fleet of WaterLine.


Class Number Maximum Speed Number of Coaches Routes Operated On Train Family Date Put Into Service
Class 165


90 MPH 2 coaches All routes Networker Turbo December 16, 2017
Class 166

Class 166.PNG

90 MPH 3 coaches All routes Networker Turbo December 16, 2017
Class 171 (Next-Gen)
100 MPH 2 coaches All routes Turbostar April 21, 2018 (Next Generation- August 31, 2019)
Class 319


100 MPH 4 coaches All routes BREL April 21, 2018
Class 379 (Next-Gen)

New Class 379 (Waterline).png

100 MPH 4 coaches All routes Electrostar June 8th, 2019
Class 508 (Next-Gen)

Class 508 departing from Eden Q..png

75 MPH 3 coaches All routes BREL May 14, 2019
Class 730

Roblox 12 19 2018 10 36 16 PM.png

100 MPH 3 coaches All routes Aventra August 18, 2018


Class Number Maximum Speed Number of Coaches Train Family Date Put Into Service Date Withdrawn From Service
Class 701

Roblox 12 21 2018 10 17 16 AM.png

100 MPH 4 coaches Aventra April 21, 2018 December 31, 2018
Class 387

Class 387.png

110 MPH 4 coaches Electrostar December 21, 2017 June 8th, 2019

(Moved to AirLink fleet)


There are no planned fleet in the future as of now.




  • None known of at this time.


  • No depots have closed down yet.




  • No WaterLine Stations has been comfirmed yet.


  • There are no closed stations on WaterLine.


The routes for this line have been moved to this article.


  • This is the only operator not to have a siding.
  • There are currently one diesel, one overhead, and one third rail train that is next-gen.
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