Hey guys,today I would like to talk about The 20-station Route Conspiracy.On 28th October,the SCR Discord revealed a secret route,just writing 20 stations.It's now removed,but guesses already sprang up like crazy.I will share my thoughts in this blog.

Certain Things

First,I'm certain this is a connect route,because there is no chance that the Express is gonna have that many stations.Second,this must be a route between Stepford And Llyn,due to the fact the whole main line only has 17 stations now.HOWEVER, a full stopper SC-Llyn service has 21 stations,not 20.Now,I'll explain the possiblities of which is the extra station that will not be in there.


It is likely that either Millcastle or Westvyvern would not be in the route,they are only 2 stations that were not revealed yet on the Llyn extension,one of them might not be implemented at all.

2.Angel Pass

As you all know,R004,R005 and R009 does not stop at Angel Pass station,and I think this could be a possiblity,but if R003 also stops at Angel Pass,then this might not be the answer.

3.Rocket Parade

Rocket Parade is the only station in all of Connect to be only served by one route,so this might be the station that will be skipped as the station is exteremly limited in traffic. (ACTUAL FACT)

4.Stepford Central

This one is really unlikely,but it is possible that Stepford East would be the start of that line,and since they have 8 platforms with Platform 2 having the same purpose,this might be the station that will not be in the line.


Maybe...That line actually ends in Northshore instead of Llyn?I don't know,but it's still possible.

That's it for this blog,stay tuned for more :)

EDITOR NOTE: The Conspiracy has been solved upon the release of 1.4. The 20 station route is R024 from Stepford Central to Llyn-by-the-Sea, which skips Rocket Parade as I predicted and Millcastle Racecourse.

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