Hey guys,it's time to take a look at all 49(Soon to be 54+)stations in SCR and rate them from 1-10.I'm going in alphabetical order so Airport Central is first and Woodhead Lane is last. (CURRENTLY ONLY TO THE 13TH)

== 1.Airport Central == 6/10

This station is reletivly fitting to SCR,but it can certainly be improved by making the station looks more like an actual airport.

== 2.Airport Parkway == 4/10

Really?Just a carpark and nothing else?That's just...ugh.At least that tube bridge looks cool.

== 3.Airport West == 8/10

Very cool looking station,that is truly a masterpiece from SCR,although it's kinda wasted because it's on a branch that nobody would ever drive on.

== 4.Ashlan Park == 6/10

A Water themed station is pretty good,but the scenery is uhh...average.

== 5.Beaulieu Park == 2/10

Absolutly appaling station,it's so horrible that I would shot myself in the head if I saw an upgrade on this station.

== 6.Benton == 7/10

OK,I know this is the largest station in SCR,but the scenery is pretty genetic and boring.Still,the design is cool and that's why I will give it a solid 7/10.

== 7.Benton Bridge == 4/10

The station looks cool but the scenery is uhh...I don't even know how to describe.

== 8.Berrily == 6/10

To summerise in 2 sentences:Great Scenery,Horrible Station.

== 9.Bodin == 10/10

Wow,what a classic.This station has a traincare,apartments and even a statue of TheHazad9,the station is also a classy British station,totally deserve it for a 10/10.

== 10.CSP == 1/10

Bland scenery,Bland platforms,Bland bridges.What in the world is wrong with this station.

== 11.City Hospital == 6/10

The station is quite fitting with the name,but the station itself could spring a bit more hospital feeling.

== 12.Connolly == 8/10

The house itself already makes this station get a 7/10,and it's just a wonderful station.

== 13.Coxly == 7/10

Not a bad station,but the station itself is pretty bland.

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