Introducing Top Contributors [Announcement]

As our community expands, we would like to award those who make brilliant contributions to our wiki! For that, we have come up with a way to honour them. Introducing, Top Contributors!

What do they get?

Top Contributors get a special profile tag as well as a yellow nametag on our Discord server.

We're working on more rewards for our Top Contributors! :)

How do I get it?

Top Contributor is awarded to users with the most edits, or who are recognised by the staff team as making high-quality edits frequently.

Please do not ask how to get it as we cannot give it to you simply by requesting.

So, who already has it?

We've decided on three users (these being the people with the most edits on the wiki) as our Top Contributors.

Thank you all for your contributions, and as time goes on, we will give more people this great reward!

Elliottlmz (talk) 11:54, May 23, 2019 (UTC)

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