377FanBoy2000 377FanBoy2000 15 June

Top 5 Fav Trains

  • 1 5.
  • 2 4.
  • 3 3
  • 4 2
  • 5 AND 1.

Class 508

The reason why is beaches they look really stunning and the doors aren't that realistic but it feels like I'm in real life!

Class 357

When this train was next gen, it looked really outstanding even though this train is for 'newbies' the effort on it looks like the real train so well done

Class 379

Well well well, I don't know what I should say but these trains are really good and they are the best out of the best but in the game, these trains are ran be battery so maybe they could fix it but everything else, SCR has chosen the right train on WaterLine!

Class 68

I don't have anything to say about this train but the livery on this train is REALLY good and when I say really, I mean like I'm being dramatic so yeah

Class 802


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377FanBoy2000 377FanBoy2000 15 June

Good Station Names for the James Street Exstention

Airport Ternimal 4 The Abbey, Kent Place, West Berrily, Berrily Denton Road.

Newry - Berrily Denton Road

Benton - Berrily Denton Road

These stations I've made up except West Berrily and Berrily Denton Road which used to be in SCRLE.

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377FanBoy2000 377FanBoy2000 15 June

What train do you like better?

If you can pick any train of this choice, what would it be

A. Class 508 B. Class 68 C. Class 171

What would yours be! Vote in the chat now by the 6th November


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