Hi there! I'm SpeonkTheMighty, or STM, and I used to be a Moderator here on this SCR Fandom/Wiki page and then resigned due to mental health issues which pretty much hindered my ability to support this wiki.

I am a current Supervisor of SCR, as a Mobile Operations Supervisor. For those who don't know who that role is, in my words, it's basically to ensure that game and role standards of SCR are to be followed at all times.

My ROBLOX name is STM_RBLX. I am mostly active on ROBLOX as a player, and a soon to be developer (I don't know when).

Role History In SCR

Roles Date Joined
Trainee Driver (Join Date) July 25, 2018
Qualified Driver
Dispatcher July 27, 2018
Signaller September 18, 2018
Lead Driver (Formerly Leading Driver) April 19, 2019
Senior Signaller July 22, 2019
People Relations Advisor (former MOS Before Split) November 28, 2019
Mobile Operations Supervisor May 17, 2020
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