Who am I?

I've been in the transport community for 3 years, however only went on Discord for the most recent 2. My first servers were the SCR Wiki and SCR Official Discord servers and that's where my work at the wiki started. Moderator applications opened in Late 2018 and I got in and became active during my first few months. My activity after that took a sharp drop as my interest in SCR fell. I however, came back recently and have aimed to maintain good activity, fair moderation and help transport communities in general through however I can provide assistance.

Outside of here I am:

  • Signaller - SCR
  • Developer - WCR
  • CPO - SHR
  • (excuse the mildly shitty name + logo) Executive - Rail'd

I'm an experienced signaller at SCR, coming in the October 2018 batch and I have a good knowledge of SCR's network and operations . Feel free to ask me about anything SCR related and I'll try my best to answer.

I only started Developing in May 2020 but I always ensure my work is up to standard and while I might not have the best developing knowledge in general, I can make extremely accurate models, not forgetting the tiniest details.

At SHR, I was eager to work there as a lot of people from similar communities that I talk a lot with work there and its work is excellent. As soon as I saw that TOM (Train Operating Manager) applications had opened, I quickly applied. I succeeded in my application and now I work with some of the best people I know there.

For WCR, I had previous experience at BCR - a rubbish railway group that I don't wish to work at, however after a staff member there saw my work, he hired me. I now work with their kind staff team to release the next update.

Rail'd - Formed out of developer disagreements at BCR, we formed a new group that aims to build the Great Western Main Line and other projects with good devs and attention to detail. A lot of the stuff is behind the scenes and secret so that's where I'm going to leave it at.

Over the three years here, I've learnt a lot and am thankful to the many people who have helped me along the way.

Thanks for reading, RoastedFanta/Tango/unhappy 720/fanta/idk lmao

Groups I am in:

  • Stepford County Railway
  • Stagecoach South
  • Stagecoach Group UK
  • Adam gaming inc.
  • Arriva Connecting Roblox
  • Aventra Travel
  • CardiffBus
  • Centro Travel
  • Compass Gang
  • Connexions
  • Courtney
  • Dutch Railways
  • First Travel
  • Forever Transit
  • Go North West
  • Innovation Labs
  • Metroline TM
  • New Adventure Travel (NAT)
  • New REBC Group
  • Quality Line
  • Roblox TV
  • Sky Travel
  • Sunshine Express
  • TM Travel
  • Uno bus
  • Veolia

Likes and Dislikes

Favourite Buses:

  1. Enviro 300 (specifically SN62 AXZ
  2. East Lancs Olympus (YN07 LHT)
  3. Enviro 200MMC (YY66 PBZ)
  4. W̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶S̶t̶r̶e̶e̶t̶l̶i̶t̶e̶ lol you know why

Favourite Trains:

  1. Class 360 (360115)
  2. 1996 Tube Stock
  3. Class 321 Renatus
  4. Class 745

Least Favourite Trains:

  1. Class 720
  2. Class 730
  3. Class 710
  4. Class 701 - a plastic pig except its not a pig and its just cheap plastic from a 3d printer

Current Wiki Projects

  • Actually learn some CSS without putting it off for another 10 years
  • I heard people talking about MediaWiki and I have no clue what that is so I might as well learn what it is

Step-free stations: lmao did this v1.3 redo for 1.5

  • ♿ Stepford Victoria
  • X Financial Quarter 
  • ♿ City Hospital
  • ♿ Stepford Central - taxi rank only, view lift map
  • ♿ Stepford East (lifts)
  • ♿ Stepford High Street
  • X Whitefield Lido
  • X Stepford UFC
  • ♿ Woodhead Lane - footbridge unusable, use level crossing
  • ♿ Houghton Rake - both platforms by level crossing only
  • ♿ Whitefield (short steep slope)
  • ♿ St Helens Bridge (Platform 1 lift, 2-7 steep slope)
  • X New Harrow (steps)
  • ♿ Elsemere Pond - via level crossing
  • ♿ Elsemenre Junction 
  • X Berrily (steps)
  • ♿ East Berrily
  • X Beaulieu Park
  • ♿ Morganstown
  • X Angel Pass
  • ♿ Bodin
  • ♿ Coxly
  • X Benton
  • ♿ Port Benton Greenslade bound WaterLine only (Plat 1)
  • ♿ Benton Bridge Airport bound Connect only
  • X Airport Parkway
  • ♿ Airport Central
  • ♿ Hampton Hargate Llyn bound Connect only
  • X Water Newton
  • ♿ Rocket Parade
  • ♿ Leighton Stepford Road
  • ♿ Leighton City via lifts
  • ♿ Edgemead
  • ♿ Faymere
  • ♿ Westercoast - interchange by level crossing
  • X Millcastle Racecourse
  • ♿ Millcastle
  • X Westwyvern
  • ♿ Starryloch - interchange via accessible footbridge
  • X Northshore 
  • ♿ Llyn-by-the-Sea

  • ♿ Newry Harbour
  • ♿ Newry Platforms 2A, 2B, 3,only (terminating and Newry Harbour Bound)
  • X Eden Quay (steep stair slope)
  • ♿ Morganstown Docks
  • X Whitney Green (steep slope thing)
  • ♿ Greenslade
  • X Cambridge Street Parkway
  • ♿ Ashaln Park - fully accessible, good ramp
  • ♿ Connolly
  • X Airport West (steep slope at entrance)
  • ♿ James Street
  • ♿ Faraday Road Southbound Benton Bound WaterLine only)
  • ♿ West Benton

  • ♿ Airport Terminal 1 
  • ♿ Airport Terminal 2
  • ♿ Airport Terminal 3
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