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Welcome to my profile page! My name is Hasepfote (but feel free to call me Hase) and I'm a Bureaucrat on this wiki! As a Bureaucrat, my duties are to help with major incidents and to manage staff. Bureaucrats are able to change some local user rights as well. In case you wanna know some stuff about me, feel free to check my user infobox on the right as well as the rank templates!

Feel free to contact me if you need assistance, want to report rule-breaking posts (although you can use the report feature for that too), edits and/or users or want to suggest an Advisor. The best ways to contact me are either via my message wall or via the Discord server of this wiki. However, please do not contact me for support via my Discord direct messages, nor send useless messages to my wall that are either unrelated to the wiki and/or not constructive criticism. Messages like "Wiki is too <adjective>!" without any context what should be changed will be deleted from my wall once seen.

I hope you enjoy your time on this wiki!