Hey!!! I’m GJ THE BEST but you can call me GJ. I love SCR, so here is some facts of the game: Before Version 1.0 I thought this game was rusty because of the train doors and interiors but after I got used to it and love this game!!! I have all train on every line and I think the game can live on. That's all I need to say, hopefully I see you in the Wiki or on SCR!

My favorite pages

Cool Stuff

  • On the 25th of May 2019 I saw Charlie_RBX as dispatcher in Terminal 2.

Other stuff

I want to get the:

class 387 Airlink

Class 485/5 and Class 485/0 Connect (Futer)

Class 171 Waterline

Class 170 Connect

Class 350 Connect

Class 465 Connect

Class 360 Airlink

Class 377 Connect

Class 365 (future) Connect

Class 323 (future) Waterline

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