Upper Staploe is an abandoned/disused station which can be seen from Stepford Connect and AirLink trains passing between Hampton Hargate and Water Newton. There is a barrier at the platform, and there are no spawn points for passengers, meaning that nobody can enter this station. The station has been in this state since even before The Big Update. This station is only used as scenery, and is unknown whether it will be used in future.


  • The platforms are arranged so that it would be served by Connect trains towards Leighton, skipped by Connect trains towards Stepford, skipped by Airlink trains towards Leighton, and in the future Express trains in the same direction, and served by AirLink trains towards the Airport, and in the future Express trains towards Stepford Central.
  • It was originally planned to be part of the new Metro line, yet the Metro plans were scrapped and this station was left in this state as scenery.
  • Judging by the station signage, this station may have been closed under the Beeching Axe in the 1960s.
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