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Buffers don't like to be eaten.

This article or section contains items which are noticeable but very unlikely to be updated in the game. Please think twice before adding new information.

Cancelled Feature

This article or section contains items which are once proposed but never released to the public. They are considered as cancelled features. Please think twice before adding new information.

TramLink was a planned operator for Stepford County Railway. Tracks were laid near Whitney Green, stretching to Greenslade and beyond, but the line has never been put to use. There was further sections of track running all the way to the current site of Stepford Victoria but these sections are poorly documented.

The project has never been officially cancelled, but instead, the directors have simply said that it is "at the bottom of the list" in terms of priority.

Possible rolling stock for Tramlink could be the models of trams used in the real-life Tramlink in London, however, based on the line design, people have observed that it somewhat resembles the Metrolink tram network in Manchester, UK.

After the V1.4.1 update, OHLE (Overhead Line Equipment) can be seen between Whitney Green and Greenslade on the TramLink tracks.

Mattyx2013 said TramLink might as well be dead but there might be a slim chance of it being here in the future, but they have bigger priorities as of now.

However, some messages from BanTech in the Discord server show that TramLink may be cancelled. [1][2] It is still unknown whether TramLink tracks will ever be removed or not.


This is a list of stations which are (were) seen in the game.


  • Whitney Green has two disused, terminating tracks for TramLink. The only section of TramLink tracks now exist starts here without any buffers.
  • Robinson Way is a disused through station located between Whitney Green and Greenslade. To access this station, simply walk down the road from Whitney Green.
  • Greenslade has two disused TramLink tracks.
  • Berrily Denton Road (Inaccessible) is an elevated TramLink station with two disused platforms. It used to have two, long, ground level platforms for High Speed that have now been removed. It is just after Greenslade.
  • West Berrily (Inaccessible) is an elevated TramLink with two disused platforms. It is just after Berrily Denton Road. This is where the only stretch of TramLink tracks now exist ends.

Demolished or Rumoured

  • Whitefield Lido (Demolished) was a station underneath the current Whitefield Lido (the one being used by Connect). The station had two platforms and was linked to the main station via a winding staircase (similar to one visible at Ashlan Park). The station was demolished in V1.2.
  • Stepford Central (Underground and Demolished) This was a rumoured station. Prior to V1.1, TramLink tracks were seen underneath Stepford Central. It was assumed that a station would be put there.
  • Hallam Square (Demolished) This is a station right between Stepford Victoria and Stepford Central. It had a level crossing and ran parallel to a road beside it. It also had a large square with a fountain and a big red building near the station. Now the place where it was is water body.
  • Victoria (Demolished) This station had 3 platforms. It was right outside Stepford Victoria and was believed to be the terminus of the route.
  • Benton (Underground) Benton's tram station could be seen in the very earliest versions of the game next to, what was at the time, a fairly small station. Benton only had 3 platforms during this time and when Benton was expanded the tram station was lost. No tracks ran out of the station - it was just platforms.


  • Some have accused TramLink of being vaporware as it has never opened or been cancelled for a long time.


  1. Quote (after someone asked when is TramLink coming): "It doesn't" "Just not been removed yet if there are any [stations] still remaining"
  2. Tramlink.png
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