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Training is a key feature of Stepford County Railway's rank structure. They are one of the few things requiring experience. Players who passed an application also have to attend trainings to become official Supervisors. Training can only be done by people who have their in-game chat enabled, as privacy settings would be violated else.


Training and the theory quiz can only be completed by people who have in-game chat enabled. People over the age of 13 can update their in-app chat configuration in the privacy settings of their Roblox account.

Roblox limits in-game chat for under the age of 13 as part of its safety procedures.[1][2] This restriction means that accounts for children <13 may not partake in training.


For Qualified Driver, Dispatcher and Guard trainings, there are three stages.

  • Stage 1: Joining the group, reaching the required amount of experience and not having any active blacklists
  • Stage 2: Reading the given guide and completing the theory quiz.
  • Stage 3: Allocation of training, attending the training session and successfully completing it.

Stage 2

Once the following requirements for each rank are fulfilled, the player will then be eligible to take a theory quiz about the respective rank:

  • Qualified Driver: joining the group and reaching 60 Experience
  • Dispatcher: being in the Qualified Driver rank and reaching 360 Experience.
  • Guard: being in the Dispatcher rank and reaching 540 Experience.

To take the quiz, players should first read the guide for the respective rank, which can be accessed by visiting the "Training" tab in the main menu and then clicking on "Guides". These guides cover rules, knowledge, skills and any other information needed. The guides are also available for all players to read in-game at any time for their reference.

Then then may proceed to the quiz. These quizzes consist of 10 multiple choice questions. If players pass this test, they will be eligible to participate in a practical training session. If players fail this test, however, a three to five day cooldown (depending on which rank the quiz is for) will be applied to the account, preventing it from retaking the test for that period of time.

Stage 3


A way to reserve a spot for training sessions has been implemented in version 1.5.1, with the current system being implemented shortly after the original release. Currently, players can reserve a spot based on a queue and their time preferences. Players can set preferences by selecting three-hour slots during the day.

After setting their preferences, the player is added to the queue. Players can only get assigned to trainings if the training fits entirely into their selected preferences. However, it is not compulsory to use the system as they can also join trainings unallocated to them.

Training session

Training sessions for all ranks below Signaller are held in special training servers, which can only be accessed through the main game. They are not Private Servers.

Ten minutes before the starting time of a training, the server will be opened for assigned players to join. At the starting time, the server opens for unassigned trainees.

Players can join these servers by going to the "Training" tab in any public server and then clicking on "Join session", below the "You can join now" message. If the server is not full yet, the player will be teleported to the training server.

After loading in, players are to stay in the Passenger role, and to spawn at a given location as soon as possible. The location given varies depending on the training; Qualified Driver trainings are held at Stepford Central's Central Mall entrance, with players lining up at the grass opposite to the mall, while the other trainings are held at Stepford United Football Club's "SCR Training Centre", where players line up between the red lines.

Servers lock when five minutes have passed since the original starting time. Briefing will then start for the session and a short Q&A for trainees will be available so they can raise questions if they have any.


The assessment is the most important part of the training. Trainees will be asked to complete and be evaluated on tasks related to the role of the rank they are training for, in order to make sure they have fully absorbed and learnt the information and know how to apply it.

In Qualified Driver trainings, candidates are asked to spawn a Stepford Connect Class 185 on a given route and at a given depot or siding, with the train and route being unlocked in training servers. Then, they have to drive the train for 2 stations on the route.

In Dispatcher trainings, trainees have to spawn at a certain station and dispatch two trains properly. One of these trains will have a guard, while the other will not. Depending on the location of the station where the trainee dispatched the first train, the trainee may also be asked to respawn at a different location for their second train.

Guard trainings are similar to Dispatcher trainings, as trainees will have to guard their trains for two stops, conducting both procedures they have learnt, the procedures with and without dispatchers.

If players do not commit any mistakes, they will be passed and promoted to the next higher rank. If committing any mistakes, they will not be given another attempt and they will have to join another session to retake their assessment. Additionally, if failing or absent from any assigned sessions, a cooldown will be applied to the account, preventing the account from being assigned to another training for one week. They may still try to join unassigned to trainings. If the player is in the official Discord server, they may get personal feedback by reacting to the reaction below the embed of the "SCR Trainer" message about their training, which can be found in the #training channel.

Signaller training

After passing the application, players will take part in the Trainee Signaller program. This program consists of a practical training and an assessment.

They first read the Signalling Booklet, which is a guide for Signallers. The knowledge of this booklet is seen as a requirement for the practical training.

The practical training is where trainees are taught how to control the signalling desks under demonstration. Additionally, they will have a chance to practice under a controlled environment in a Private Server after the demonstration. Trainees will first practice signalling Zone C as it is the smallest zone and thus easiest to control. Then, they will signal either Zone A or D which is a bigger zone. If the trainee passes this session, they are eligible to attend an assessment. There is no limit of attempts for practical sessions.

In assessments, trainees are given 10–15 minutes to signal in a live server without any help. Normally, they are given an option to choose between Zone A, C, D, or F as those desks have a Supervisor Desk near to them. Trainees are given three attempts to pass this stage, but more can be given if improvement is seen.

Supervisor training

Users, who passed an application for a staff position, are required to attend a training program made for their department, which is hosted by the department managers before carrying out any official duties as a Supervisor.

The program includes theory and practical sessions and covers major tasks of Supervisors. These tasks include the management of training sessions, monitoring junior rank members, providing support via SCR Assistance and moderating both in-game and on Discord.


The first proposal for Training 2.0

On 15 May 2020, Innovations Director BanTech revealed the first proposal for "Training 2.0".[3] On 1 January 2021, as part of Version 1.7.1, this system was implemented for all member ranks apart from Signaller. Originally, the game promised users that the missing part would be released in 2021. However, the implementation is still yet to happen.

Training 2.0 for Signallers

A big part of Training 2.0 was the complete rewrite of the training program for Signallers, includes removing the requirement of a Discord account as applications will be moved into the game. This also means that with the release of Training 2.0 for Signallers, this rank will be allowed for players under 13 years old, as this is currently not possible due to Discord's Terms of Service.[4]

In addition, Signaller Training will also receive its own training server, plus simulated virtual traffic will be introduced for training instead of using manually driven, real traffic of trains.


  • Qualified Driver trainings were formerly held in the Stepford East ROC.
  • Dispatcher trainings were formerly held in the Benton ROC, Coxly, Stepford UFC, Faymere, Westercoast, Stepford UFC again, Willowfield and again Stepford UFC.
  • Guard trainings were formerly held at Faymere and Stepford UFC.
  • Qualified Driver and Guard trainings can be easily joined without being allocated, while for Dispatcher trainings, an allocation is highly recommended. This is due to the high demand for Dispatcher trainings, but the Dispatcher trainings are very limited.
  • The training queue allocation system was enhanced from the previous training reservation system, which was introduced in response to the chaos when Guards were introduced in V1.5, and many Dispatchers complained about failing to obtain a training opportunity due to the very limited Guard trainings at that time. Before that, all trainings were purely walk-in.
  • Before the release of Training 2.0, theory introduction would be conducted in the practical training session as well. As a result, the Training Stage 2 was left unused. Players would go straight to Stage 3 (i.e. joining a training session) after passing the requirements of Stage 1.
    • At that time, only Qualified Driver trainings will include theory questions as part of the assessment. The host may raise theory questions for trainees to answer during theory introduction in Dispatcher and Guard trainings, but these will not be evaluated for assessment.
  • Before the release of Training 2.0, for Dispatcher and Guard trainings, there would be a demonstration prior to practical assessments during the training session. After Training 2.0 was released, trainings will start with a Q&A, then straight into practical assessment without any demonstration, as the new Stage 2 replaces these elements.
  • The end of the Dispatcher guide says "Brought to you by minion duty", a reference to the collaboration between former Head of Operational Delivery metromaster00 and former Operations Director hv9690 on many internal projects.
  • In V1.7.2, a Signaller Training Academy has been added in Llyn-by-the-Sea, next to the station's ROC. Signaller Trainings are likely to be held there in future, being the first venue specially designated for conducting trainings.
  • According to Innovations Director BanTech in April 2021, there is still much development work required before Training 2.0 for Signallers can be introduced, including creating a system to enable training new Signallers with simulated traffic instead with real trains running, and redoing the way signals, junctions and platforms work for better handling of real traffic in-game, requiring another huge rework on the current signalling system.[5] Engagement Manager tjh44 added on that traditional Signaller applications will not open again until Training 2.0 update for Signallers is released.
    • But later on 11 September 2021, traditional Signaller application is opened again for two days. In the respective announcements in Discord, Community Director Doodgewoonbas said that traditional Signaller applications might be opened briefly for another few times until the new training system for signallers is finished, and stated that players "have to wait a bit longer for training 2.0 to become reality", implying that the development of Training 2.0 for Signallers is delayed, though the exact hurdles behind the delay is currently unknown.
    • During the Developer Q&A later on 23 October 2021, Innovations Director BanTech has introduced progress of a few major updates to the signalling system, and stated that these reworks are crucial to the introduction of simulated traffic for Signaller trainings.[6] The status of these prerequisites might be the reason why the Signaller Training 2.0 is delayed. In addition, BanTech also addressed about an on-going complete rebuild of the game's data saving system, which might also explain why in-game applications are still yet to come as the system might be involved with it. The replacement of the data storage system eventually took place during early July 2022.[7]
  • Previously, Trainee Signallers had to go through a theory test, in which they had to first pass a theory quiz about the content from the signalling guide before they are allowed to proceed into the practical training. Due to the the expected high amount of passers for the September 2021 Signaller Application batch, Trainee Signallers for this batch do not have to go through a specific theory test. Instead, theory for this batch of Trainee Signallers was combined into the application questions. As of V1.8, the theory test is no longer in use, according to the Signaller Booklet.
  • In V1.8, a building named "SCR Training Centre" was built near Stepford United Football Club. However, the building is purely decorational as of now, and it is unknown will it have any actual use in training operations in future.
    • A training waiting area for Dispatcher and Guard trainings is available next to it.


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