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*'''July 14: '''[[Class 707]] [[Next Generation]] revealed on Discord (Guessing game).
*'''July 14: '''[[Class 707]] [[Next Generation]] revealed on Discord (Guessing game).
*'''July 21:''' [[Class 707]] and [[Class 360]] are upgraded to Next Generation, [[St Helens Bridge|St. Helens Bridge]] is upgraded.
*'''July 21:''' [[Class 707]] and [[Class 360]] are upgraded to Next Generation, [[St Helens Bridge|St. Helens Bridge]] is upgraded.
*'''July 24: '''New Logo, New Uniforms, and Dummy Driver added.
[[Category:Special Pages]]
[[Category:Special Pages]]

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File:SCR Version 1.3 poster.jpg

SCR Version 1.3, the most recent update.


Here are some major events to have happened in the history of the Stepford County Railway, such as the 1M Update and the adding of the Interior Trains Such as the Class 508 and 158.the Stepford Connect fleet.

SCR History



  • January (Date unknown): The Class 720 was added.
  • January 1: The Class 170 was added.
  • January 5: Run button was added.
  • January 9: Benton was remodeled to what it is today.
  • April 21: The Big Update (SCR Version 1.0) is released. New features include the new driver GUI and new stations, as well as smarter signal systems and some changes to stations/tracks. Six stations were added.
  • June 12: 1.1 was first announced to the public in the form of the Signaller's blue dot.
  • June 14: Rita Ora - Anywhere is removed for unknown reasons (possibly copyright reasons) and replaced by Nice Summer.
  • August 4: The Class 365 and Class 323 were announced.
  • August 18: The day we all waited for. SCR reaches 1 million visits! As a thank you from Charlie, he released the surprise One Million Update.
  • November 1: A new official way of roleplaying in Stepford County Railway, In-Game-Shift held its grand opening. This was innovated by then [SG] Quality_Content1 and is run by him and [HNS] Billythepet.
  • November 4: Many of the High Rank roles were renamed. For example, the rank [PS] Platform Supervisor was renamed to [SDS] Senior Dispatcher.
  • December 1: The Sneak Peak Advent Calendar for upcoming SCR Version 1.1 began. The #sneak-peeks channel in the Discord was renamed to #advent-calendar for this occasion. There were 24 sneak peeks shown, with one being posted daily.
  • December 24: #advent-calendar was renamed back to #sneak-peeks. 1.1 got an official release date at the same time, slated for December 31.
  • December 31: At 12:00 UTC, Stepford County Railway Version 1.1 was released. Many features like AirLink, lots of new infrastructure and rolling stock, and many other changes were added.


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