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SCR Version 1.0, also known as "The Big Update", was published on April 21, 2018, and was a complete rewrite of the game's code, GUIs and signalling system. It also revamped many of the games' stations, areas, zones, and scenery. It also had a major update on Waterline, adding a new branch and adding 3 'new' fleets to the line.

New Stations

New Stations were added as part of the update. They are listed here:

New Areas/Zones

The new areas and zones are listed here:

New Trains (fleets)

The new trains are listed here:

Stepford Connect:


New Depots

The new Depots are listed here:

Removed in the Big Update

There are a few things that got removed after the big update.

  1. There were 6 platforms at Hampton Hargate and 3 lines were going to pass through the station, but the plan changed and only the two Stepford Connect platforms are now at the station.
  2. Class 700 was replaced by the Class 707. The Class 700's livery colour was mostly white and had 6 coaches, while the Class 707's livery colour is mostly yellow and has 5 coaches. The first car of Class 700 was displayed in the Benton ROC until Version 1.1.
  3. Winstree station demolished and was replaced by Leighton Stepford Road station.
  4. The Newry Harbour - Greenslade line was removed and replaced by Newry Harbour - Connolly.
  5. The system has been changed. Players will now gather "points" by mainly driving or purchasing with ROBUX. With the new system, players can drive any train on SCR if they put hard effort to get tons of points. As a result, the gamepasses for trains were removed.

Other Changes

  • Stepford Central main entrance closed, entrance moved to Central Mall.
  • Drivers will have to pick routes to drive, and they will not be able to change routes during a "shift". This was introduced again somewhere around late v1.3.
  • Stepford Central renamed from Stepford Town. The name was changed back later on.
  • New signalling system and schedule system.
  • New intro, featuring Stepford Airport Central and BanTech HQ (Rocket Parade station as well), new main menu featuring Whitney Green.
  • Kill blocks were introduced which made trackwalking impossible. (If you step on the track you will be respawned). There are some ways around this, and it is considered 'Allowed in VIP servers'
  • On the right: A Class 171 and the original Big Update GUI.

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Sneak Peek Videos


This is the WaterLine Map and the Connect Map at 1.0.