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SCR Version 1.0, also known as "The Big Update", was published on 21 April 2018, and was a complete rewrite of the game's code, GUIs and signalling system. It also revamped many of the network's scenery, stations and areas. Waterline received a major update adding a new branch and adding 3 new trains to the operator.

New Stations

New stations were added as part of the update. These are:

New Areas/Zones

The new areas and zones were:

New Trains (fleets)

The new trains were:

Stepford Connect:


New Depots

The new Depots were:

Removed in the Big Update

There are a few things that got removed after v1.0.

  1. Hampton Hargate formerly had 6 platforms, with 3 lines originally going to run through, but the other 4 platforms were removed and only 2 remained for Connect.
  2. The Class 700 was replaced by the Class 707, both differing in length and exteriors. The first car of Class 700 was displayed in the Benton ROC until Version 1.1.
  3. Winstree was demolished and replaced by Leighton Stepford Road.
  4. The Newry Harbour - Greenslade route was replaced with R012 to Connolly instead.
  5. Gamepasses for trains were removed. Previously, most trains were obtainable with gamepasses, which you paid ROBUX for. This system was replaced by a points-based system, where players receive points for performing their roles. Points were then exchanged for trains and routes. This resulted in the demise of gamepasses, although you can also buy points for ROBUX.

Other Changes

  • Drivers will have to pick routes to drive, and they cannot change routes at termini, unlike the old system. This feature was reintroduced similarly in v1.3.24.
  • Stepford Town was renamed to Stepford Central, with the main entrance moved to Central Mall instead.
  • New signalling system and schedule system.
  • New intro, featuring Stepford Airport Central and BanTech HQ (Rocket Parade station as well), new main menu featuring Whitney Green.
  • Kill blocks were introduced which made trackwalking impossible. (If you step on the track you will be respawned). Trespassing was allowed in private servers, with some loopholes to the system.

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