This is the navbox used for the network, and this is a full version which displays all groups such as stations, fleet, etc.

For the versions of only stations or fleet, etc., please use the subpages below.


C: show Connect(C=yes)default: no

E: show Express(E=yes)def. no

W: show WaterLine(W=yes)def. no

A: show AirLink(A=yes)def. no(all upper case)

general: show general items(general=yes)def. no

s: show stations(s=yes)def. no

f: show fleets(f=yes)def. no

r: show routes(r=yes)def. no

d: show depots(d=yes)def. no


Use in a page of operators(e.g. WaterLine)


Use in a page of stations:(e.g. Port Benton)


Use in a page of trains:(e.g. Class 43)


Use in a page of routes:(e.g. R011)


Use in a page of depots:(e.g. Stepford Depot)


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