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The train now approaching Platform 4 terminates here!

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S Car Stop Marker

Stop Marker at Stepford United Football Club.

Stop markers are signs that can be find at the end of most station platforms.


The purpose for Stop markers is to make sure the train does not stop short or overshoot the platform, and to make sure the train stops correctly.

Types of Stop Markers

There are 4 (Currently) types of Stop markers:

  • One that has a large "S" with the words "car stop" at the bottom.
  • One has a marker that has numbers which you stop at depending on how many train cars your train has. e.g. 2.
  • There is some number car makers have a operator name above the number like the one in LSR AIRLINK 3-4 Car stop
  • There is a blue one at Morganstown (The one saying waterline shuttle)
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