Stop Marker at Stepford United Football Club.

Stop markers are signs that can be find at the end of most station platforms indicating where specific trains should stop.


Stop markers provide a way for drivers to stop in a specific location depending on the number of cars in their train. It is important that a driver stops at the proper marker so the train is in an ideal position so Dispatchers can dispatch properly.


  • Most stop markers contain a simple, large "S". These markers should be stopped at if a more specific marker is not present at the station.
  • Other stop markers indicate a stopping position for trains with a certain number of cars. Some show only one number (like 3) while others display multiple (like 4-5).
  • Occasionally, stop markers will also show the name of a specific operator that stops there. This can be seen at Platforms 2 and 3 of Leighton Stepford Road. They were formerly Airlink stoppers.
  • There is a unique example of a stop sign at Leighton Stepford Road, it is for terminating 3-4 car trains on Platforms 2 and 3 which are overflow platforms for terminating trains.
  • Stepford East is the only station with stop signs for 7 car trains, although no such train exists in-game.


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