Stepford United Football Club (also known and announced as Stepford UFC) is both a terminus and through station that is served by Stepford Connect services to Whitefield, Stepford Central, Willowfield and Stepford Victoria. The station held its opening in the SCR Version 1.2 update.

Platform Layout

-] Terminus

<< Passing Service Direction

Platform Service
>> Stepford Connect services to Whitefield
2 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central, Willowfield and Stepford Victoria
4 Stepford Connect services to Willowfield (from Woodhead Lane Southbound Depot), Stepford Central and Stepford Victoria


  • There is a football stadium near the station which was made by billythepet, the Head of Network Signalling.
  • This station resembled Stepford Central before V1.4.4, but it is significantly smaller.
  • This station was revealed on February 24, 2019 by former PDV, Mattyx2013.
  • Before trespassers discovered this station to be upgraded before V1.2, many people believed this station, among others on the Whitefield extension revealed as sneak peeks, to be one of the stations along the Llyn Extension.
  • This station is very plain in detail.
  • There were pre-season matches for a big season ahead, which resulted in the sneak peek of SUFC Merch revealed on Discord.
  • This is the first station to be near a stadium, It also used to be the only one until Millcastle Racecourse opened in V1.4.
  • This station resembles Darlington Station in real life.
  • This station has an advertisement for Waterline that is unique to it. It features Eden Quay.
  • This station used to be 2 wide staircases leading up to 2 bay platforms with 2 underpasses between them in legacy.
  • Walking connection to Whitefield Lido and Woodhead Lane are made possible by a road that runs parallel to the railway.
  • This station has the longest station name on SCR, with 29 letters including spaces, and 26 without spaces. The longest single word station names are Westercoast, Willowfield and Morganstown, with 11 letters.
  • GD Trainings take place here, before they were at Faymere, and before they moved, they were here again. At that time, Dispatcher trainings were also here. Dispatcher trainings are now held at Faymere.
  • In V1.6, this station underwent a renovation. This includes improving the station building.


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