For information about the former ROC, with a similar name, located at Stepford East, see Stepford East Rail Operations Centre.

Stepford Rail Operations Centre (abbreviated as Stepford ROC, also called Stepford Central ROC due to its location) is a Signal Controlling Center located above Platform 1-10 Concourse in Stepford Central station. It was added in V1.4.4 along with revamped Stepford Central and replaced Stepford East ROC.

This ROC has two entrances and some offices for Managers and Directors can be seen here.

 Signal Desks

Northern Branch

1A - Stepford High Street - Whitefield.

1B - West Benton - Newry Harbour.

1D - Cambridge Street Parkway - Connolly and Airport West.

1E - Airport Terminals - Stepford Airport Central - Stepford Airport Parkway and James Street.

Around Stepford Main Line

2A - Stepford Victoria - St Helens Bridge. (Including Beechley Sidings)

2B - Angel Pass - Coxly.

2C - Benton.

2D - Benton Depot/Crossover - Hampton Hargate, Airport Parkway Approach and Airport Parkway Depot/Siding.

2E - Water Newton - Edgemead.

2F - Faymere - Llyn-by-the-Sea.

Southern Branch

3B - New Harrow - Berrily.

3C - East Berrily - Morganstown, Port Benton - Greenslade.


  • There are two entrances to the ROC. The North Entrance can be accessed through a hidden stairs near the ticket gates of Platform 1, while the South Entrance is on the interchange level bridge.
    • The South Entrance is used more often as the default spawning location of Signallers is the Approach Road entrance of Stepford Central, which is closer to it.
  • An office for Charlie_RBX and BanTech can be seen next to the north entrance of it.
  • There are Management Offices located opposite the south entrance. The office for the OD and the RD is inside it.
  • There is also a Management Office for the HNS located within the ROC
  • The signalling screen for Benton, Desk 2C, is bigger than screens installed on other desks.
  • The location has been changed from Stepford East to Stepford Central.
  • This ROC is significantly smaller than Stepford East ROC, but the equipment is still the same, making it look much more crowded.
  • This is the first out of the four ROCs to have desks which are connected to one another. It was not found at the Coxly ROC, the Stepford East ROC, or the Benton ROC.
  • In V1.6, there is a note inside the ROC at the exit of the North Entrance and on the wall next to the HNS office, mentioning a new signalling system is being developed and will be relased in the future.

The note in the ROC as of V1.6

  • The whole Willowfield extension, except Beechley Sidings, cannot be manually signalled due to a lack of space. However, this might change when the new signalling system is implemented, which is likely to be added in V1.7.
    • Also, the big screen on the wall of the ROC does not show the Willowfield Branch as well.
  • ThePolishDJ had already resigned from the position of the Head of Network Signalling, but his name is still shown on the door sign of the HNS office inside the ROC up till now.
  • Currently there are no signalling desks 1C and 3A. The reason why these numbers are omitted is unknown.


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