Stepford County Railway Wiki
This page is about the currently operational ROC located in Stepford Central. For the former ROC located at Stepford East, see Stepford East Rail Operations Centre.

Stepford Rail Operations Centre (abbreviated as Stepford ROC or SROC, also referred as Stepford Central ROC due to its location or Stepford Rail Operating Centre as shown in the entrances) is a Signal Controlling Centre located above Platform 1-10 Concourse in Stepford Central station. It was added in V1.4.4 along with revamped Stepford Central and replaced Stepford East ROC.

This ROC has two entrances and some offices for Managers and Directors can be seen here.

Signal Zones

The following Signalling Zones are controllable from this ROC:


Starts from the northern SROC entrance above Platform 1 until the southern SROC entrance above Platform 10 and 11

  • MD and ID office
  • CD and OD office
  • Empty office (previously used for HOO)
  • OM office
  • SM office


  • There are two entrances to the ROC. The North Entrance can be accessed through a set of hidden stairs near the ticket gates of Platform 1, while the South Entrance is on the interchange level bridge.
    • The South Entrance is used more often as the default spawning location of Signallers is the Approach Road entrance of Stepford Central station, which is closer to it.
  • The office for Managing Director and Innovations Director is located right next to the ROC's northern entrance unlike the offices of CD, OD, OM and SM which are located inside.
  • There are some Management Offices located opposite the south entrance.
  • This ROC is significantly smaller than the old Stepford East ROC, but the equipment was still the same prior to V1.7, making it look much more crowded.
  • This was the first out of the four ROCs to have desks which are connected to one another. It was not found at the Coxly ROC, the Stepford East ROC, or the Benton ROC. In V1.7, there are less desks which are now known as zones and are not connected to each other.
  • In V1.6, there was a note inside the ROC at the exit of the North Entrance and on the wall next to the HNS office, mentioning a new signalling system which has been released in V1.7.
  • The whole Willowfield extension, except Beechley Sidings, could not be manually signalled during V1.6. However, this changed when the new signalling system was implemented, which was added in V1.7.
  • Signaller trainings were held here from V1.4.4 until V1.8.3, when they were moved to Llyn-by-the-Sea's Signaller Training Academy.