Stepford High Street station (also announced as High Street) is located in the Stepford City Zone, branching off of the mainline between Stepford East and St. Helen's Bridge. It is named after the street over which it lies.

It consists of an elevated island platform situated on the sharp curve connecting the Whitefield Branch to the Stepford Main Line. The platform gets increasingly wider along the curve from southwest to northeast, as the tracks become separated.

The entrance can be described as somewhat bland, with simply an open-cut leading to a pathway marked by a dark red sign that reads "STEPFORD HIGH STREET RAILWAY STATION." The concrete-walled pathway leads to a ramp that ends at the concrete platform. Lined by a short glass barrier, the ramp also occupies a large portion of the already thin platform space.

The High Street Shopping Centre is located just west of the station.

The station's main colors are red and grey, along with the rather plain and thin white platform edge lines.

The speed limit throughout the station is 45 miles per hour, which is maintained to the west just before Stepford East, when it is raised to 100 miles per hour; and to the north briefly after departure from the station, when it is also raised to 100 miles per hour.

Platform Layout

Platform 1 Stepford Connect services to Whitefield and Stepford UFC.
Platform 2 Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central and Stepford Victoria.


  • Stepford High Street was opened as of the V1.2 update, before it was opened, the platforms had been updated by a bit, also off-indicators and the Connect sign got added.
  • Stepford High Street serves as a landmark for trainspotters, as it is said to give the perfect passer-by view of the Stepford Main Line's diverse traction.
  • This station used to have no dot on the network map.


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