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Stepford High Street (colloquially called High Street) is a through station located in the Stepford City Zone, branching off of the Stepford Main Line between Stepford East and St Helens Bridge. It is named after the street over which it lies.

The station consists of an elevated island platform situated on the sharp curve connecting the Whitefield Branch to the Stepford Main Line. The platform gets increasingly wider along the curve from southwest to northeast, as the tracks become separated.

The station's main colours were red and grey as it was originally going to serve Metro, along with the rather plain and thin white platform edge lines. Before Version 1.4.1, the station's pillars were in Metro red, then they were changed to Stepford Connect turquoise. As part of the Version 1.6 update, this station was given a full refresh and now has a glassy look with new seating, although the ramp is now steeper, making it harder for disabled people to access this station.

The speed limit throughout the station is 45 miles per hour, which is maintained to the west just before Stepford East, when it is raised to 100 miles per hour; and to the north briefly after departure from the station, when it is raised to 80 miles per hour.

This station is served by Stepford Connect services to Willowfield, Beechley, Stepford Victoria, Stepford Central, Stepford United Football Club and Whitefield.

Track & Platform Layout

<< >> Passing Service Direction

Platforms/Tracks Services/Use
>> Stepford Connect services to Stepford United Football Club and Whitefield
2 Stepford Connect services to Willowfield, Beechley, Stepford Victoria and Stepford Central


Platform(s) Previous station Route Next station
1 Stepford East
Connect Emoji.png R020
to Whitefield
Whitefield Lido
Connect Emoji.png R021
Connect Emoji.png R023
Connect Emoji.png R031
to Stepford United Football Club
Connect Emoji.png R022
to Whitefield
Stepford United Football Club
2 Whitefield Lido
Connect Emoji.png R020
Connect Emoji.png R021
to Stepford Central
Stepford East
Stepford United Football Club
Connect Emoji.png R022
to Beechley
Whitefield Lido
Connect Emoji.png R023
to Stepford Victoria
Connect Emoji.png R031
to Willowfield

Announcements of Stepford High Street

Stepford Connect
There are no Stepford High Street announcements for Waterline
There are no Stepford High Street announcements for AirLink & Stepford Express


  • This station opened in the V1.2 update.
  • The only changes were the OFF indicators, Stepford Connect signs being added, and the poles being changed from Metro red to Stepford Connect former turquoise in V1.4.1. This station recieved a major upgrade in V1.6.
  • This station serves as a landmark for trainspotters, as it is said to give the perfect passer-by view of the Stepford Main Line's diverse traction.
  • This station used to have no mark on the Network Map.
  • Some players have reported lag issues at this station, likely because the platform is on a 90 degree curve and many parts are overlapping into each other, causing z-fighting, which causes lag.
  • Because of the curve, this station has very big gaps (at some places) between trains and the platform.
  • This station has step-free access.
  • Stepford High Street Shopping Centre is located just west of the station.
  • Many Dispatchers and Guards dislike this station because the sharp curve makes it difficult to easily complete the procedure. The strange placement of OFF indicators does not help this.
  • This station had no seats before V1.6. Seats were added after V1.6 released.
  • This station had no Concourse Information Boards before V1.6.


Before V1.6