Stepford Express is a confirmed future Operator scheduled for release in November 2019 along with the upcoming Connect extension. It will be the fastest service skipping some stations like AirLink.

Rolling Stock

Class Number Maximum Speed Price Number of Coaches Routes Operated On Train Family Date Put Into Service
Class 43 (Next-Gen)

125 MPH TBA 4 with 2 locomotives, making it 6 cars TBA InterCity 125 TBA

Known Stations

Possible Stations (Not confirmed or highly unlikely)


  • A significant portion of the tracks have been or are already in use. Before Angel Pass was added, Connect trains used the express tracks between St Helens Bridge and Bodin.
  • According to Matty, it will skip Faymere, as stated that "it will be a cool place to watch Express trains pass by at speed."
  • According to the sneak peek photo of Starryloch, it will not serve Express due to having passing Express Tracks in between the Connect Platforms.
  • It is very unlikely, but by looking at the AirLink and express tracks near the tunnel at Hampton Hargate, you can see that there are tracks that connect to Morganstown station. It is possible that Express may stop there. This does not mean that Express will serve this station.
  • Matty's sneak peek of Starryloch shows a fragment of a purple-coloured train, which aroused speculation that it could be an Express train. It was later revealed to be the Class 43 alongside the long-waited Llyn-by-the-sea sneak peek.
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