(Potential but Unknown Stations)
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* [[Leighton City]]
* [[Leighton City]]
* [[Westercoast]]
* [[Westercoast]]
* Lyn-By-The-Sea (not comfirmed)
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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Stepford Express is a confirmed future line scheduled for release in mid-to-late October 2019 along with the upcoming Connect extension. It will be the fastest service skipping some stations like AirLink.

Known Stations

Potential but Unknown Stations


  • A significant portion of the tracks have been or are already in use. Before Angel Pass was added, Connect trains used the express tracks.
  • According to Matty, it will skip Faymere, as stated that "it will be a cool place to watch Express trains pass by at speed."
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