For information about the ROC in-use located in Stepford Central Station, see also: Stepford Rail Operations Centre.


Stepford East Rail Operations Centre (or Signalling Control Centre, abbreviated as Stepford East ROC) was previously the controlling building for Signaller staff members, and had some features for public use. The building is attached to the station, right next to the High Street entrance of Stepford East station.

Building Layout

Floor Uses
Ground Floor Entrance; connected to Stepford East High Street entrance.
First Floor Viewing Deck; everybody regardless of their rank can come in as a Passenger and view trains exiting Stepford Depot and arriving/departing Stepford East. This place was used for Qualified Driver trainings, it is now back where it formerly was at Stepford Central.
Second Floor Former Signal Control Centre; now empty

Signal Desks



There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

All of them are relocated in Stepford Rail Operations Centre.

Northern branch

1A - Stepford High Street - Whitefield

1B - West Benton - Newry Harbour

1D - Cambridge Street Parkway - Connolly and Airport West

1E - Stepford Airport Central - Stepford Airport Parkway and James Street

Around Stepford Main Line

2A - Stepford Victoria - St Helens Bridge

2B - Angel Pass - Coxly

2C - Benton

2D - Benton Depot/Crossover - Hampton Hargate, Airport Parkway Approach and Airport Parkway Depot/Siding

2E - Water Newton - Edgemead

2F - Faymere - Llyn-by-the-Sea

Southern Branch

3B - New Harrow - Berrily

3C - East Berrily - Morganstown, Port Benton - Greenslade


  • The entrance barrier was not implemented, and therefore everyone is free to enter except the signalling room. This makes the second floor a useful multi-purpose space, mostly for trainspotting and theory and practical assessments for Signallers.
  • The design is based on Benton ROC (Benton Rail Operations Centre), the ROC in use before Stepford East ROC took over.
  • The Signalling Room is accessible by anyone in the Signaller role if you're on a VIP server.
  • Because the viewing deck on the second floor, this is one of the best trainspotting places in the network.
  • The ROC was relocated to the newly renovated Stepford Central on March 18, 2020. The signalling equipment has been relocated.
    • Although the 2nd floor is now empty and have no use, only Signallers and SSG+ can access.


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