Stepford East is a major through-station in the Stepford City Zone. It is served by Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central, Beechley, Willowfield, Stepford Victoria, Port Benton, Stepford Airport Central, Edgemead, Leighton Stepford Road, Morganstown, Berrily, Stepford United Football Club, Whitefield, Westwyvern and Llyn-by-the-Sea, and limited Airlink services to Stepford Airport Central, Airport Terminal 2, Airport Terminal 3 and Stepford Central.

Stepford East has changed throughout the game's existence.

Track & Platform Layout

[- Terminus

<< Passing Service Direction





>> Track for Stepford Express passing services to Benton, Leighton Stepford Road, and Llyn-by-the-Sea
<< Track for Stepford Express passing services to Stepford Central
>> Stepford Connect services to Stepford United Football Club, Whitefield, Berrily, Morganstown, Port Benton, Stepford Airport Central, Leighton Stepford Road, and Llyn-by-the-Sea (from SC P4-9).
2 Stepford Connect services to Stepford United Football Club, Whitefield, Berrily, Morganstown, Port Benton, Stepford Airport Central, Edgemead, Westwyvern, and Llyn-by-the-Sea (from SC P10).
<< Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central
4 Stepford Connect services to Beechley, Willowfield, and Stepford Victoria
>> Tracks for Airlink passing services to Stepford Airport Central and Airport Terminal 2 and stopping services to Airport Terminal 2 and Airport Terminal 3
<< Tracks for Airlink passing and stopping services to Stepford Central


  • This was one of 3 stations in the game's intro. Bodin took its place in the Five Million Update, but was then replaced by Llyn-by-the-Sea in V1.4. The other stations featured in the intro are Rocket Parade (BanTech HQ) and Stepford Airport West (which was replaced by Northshore).
  • This station was very under-detailed before V1.1, at which point it received a massive refurbishment. This included the addition of two new entrances: Southgate and Bridge Street. The original entrance was at High Street, which was also completely rebuilt.
  • A new depot was built next to this station in V1.1. It is used by Stepford Connect, Airlink, and Stepford Express (which doesn't stop at this station).
  • The old Rail Operations Centre was located next to this station. It was attached to the station, and the entrance to the building was at the High Street entrance. In Version 1.4.4, it was moved to Stepford Central.
    • Signallers could still get into the unused ROC as the barriers were still working.
    • The ROC was removed in V1.6 and was replaced by a tall building. The entrance at High Street was sealed off.
  • There used to be only 4 platforms at this station, with only 2 in use. It also showed that Express was originally planned to stop here while Airlink would skip, however, it's now the other way around.
  • This station is one of seven in the game that's operated by Network Rail, not SCR. The other 6 are Stepford Victoria, Stepford Central, St Helens Bridge, Morganstown, Benton and Llyn-by-the-Sea.
    • This is also the only Network Rail owned station that doesn't have a symbol for the station.
    • In V1.6, Stepford East has finally received its own logo (the latter now belonging to Transport for Stepford).
    • It is also the only Network Rail station that has no terminating platforms.
  • Stepford East resembles London Bridge Station, a station located in London, UK.
  • Before V1.1.5, Stepford East was not a dispatchable station.
    • Stepford East replaced New Harrow when it was able to be dispatched.
  • This is one of the most popular dispatching stations due to the fact that one dispatcher can dispatch all the Connect trains that stop here. Before V1.1, Coxly had this property. Upon the release of V1.4, as Express does not stop here, the popularity decreased and transferred to St Helens Bridge as you can dispatch both Connect and Express service the same time at St Helens Bridge. Still, it is still common to find Dispatchers at Stepford East's Connect platforms.
  • Stepford East is also a very popular station for passengers as it is one of the busiest stations in the game. Additionally, the frequent appearance of a dispatcher here makes it a more social station.
  • There was at one point a bug that would cause Dispatchers to be flung into the lifts by departing trains. The only way to get out was to respawn. It is unknown if this was ever fixed due to its difficulty to replicate. It is still possible to be flung while Dispatching at multiple stations.
  • Due to a good network of roads in the area, it is possible to walk to all stations in Stepford City and even Elsemere Pond.
  • Dispatchers often rush to this station because the first slot is Platforms 1-4 (Connect) and the second is Platforms 5-8 (Airlink).
  • There isn't typically an Airlink Dispatcher here unless Airlink is being "flooded" as Connect is typically much busier.
  • This station is the largest through-only station in all of SCR (there are no terminating platforms)
  • This station has step-free access.
  • This is the only station in the whole game to have a stop marker with the number 7 on it.
  • Although this station has Stop Markers with 6-7 on them, only the Class 43 5-car on Express has 7 carriages and Express does not stop at Stepford East.
  • This station is one of ten stations with only island platforms, the others being Airport Terminal 3, Stepford High Street, Stepford United Football Club, Benton Bridge, West Benton, Westwyvern, Greenslade, Stepford Victoria and Beechley.


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