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|All AirLink routes
|All AirLink routes
|Platforms 12-15
|Platforms 12-15
== Trivia ==
This is the only depot that is served by two operators.[[Category:Depots]]

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Stepford Depot is a new train spawning depot that was added in the V1.1 update. This depot is unique from the other depots around in SCR because it starts multiple lines. It is adjacent to Stepford East, but depot trains go straight to Stepford Central to start their service. There are four exits, but only three are currently running.

Depot Component

Depot Number Routes Platform at SC
Connect 1 R001, R003, R007 Platforms 4-9
Connect 2 R005, R006, R008, R009 Platform 11
AirLink All AirLink routes Platforms 12-15
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