Stepford County Railway Wiki

Stepford Depot is a westbound facing depot, adjacent to Stepford East. It features 10 lanes, with 4 in use, one for AirLink and one for Stepford Express services towards Stepford Central, as well as two for Stepford Connect: one lane for services to Stepford Central, and the other lane for services towards Stepford Victoria, Beechley, and Willowfield.

Depot Component

Depot Slot Routes Next Station
Lane 1 (E) Express Emoji.png R075
Stepford Central <> Benton (fast)
Stepford Central

(Platform 1-3)

Express Emoji.png R076
Stepford Central <> Leighton City
Express Emoji.png R077
Stepford Central <> Llyn-by-the-Sea
via Benton
Express Emoji.png R078
Stepford Central <> Llyn-by-the-Sea (fast)
via Benton
Express Emoji.png R079
Stepford Central <> Benton
Express Emoji.png R080
Stepford Central <> Llyn-by-the-Sea (fast)
via Morganstown
Express Emoji.png R081
Stepford Central <> Llyn-by-the-Sea (super fast)
Express Emoji.png R082
Stepford Central <> Westwyvern
via Morganstown
Lane 2 (C1) Connect Emoji.png R001
Stepford Central <> Stepford Airport Central
Stepford Central

(Platform 4-9)

Connect Emoji.png R002
Stepford Central <> Port Benton
Connect Emoji.png R003
Stepford Central <> Leighton City
Connect Emoji.png R007
Stepford Central <> Morganstown
Connect Emoji.png R020
Stepford Central <> Whitefield
Connect Emoji.png R021
Stepford Central <> Stepford UFC
Connect Emoji.png R024
Stepford Central <> Llyn-by-the-Sea
Connect Emoji.png R027
Stepford Central <> Berrily
Lane 3 (C2) Connect Emoji.png R005
Stepford Victoria <> Stepford Airport Central
Stepford Central

(Platform 11)

Connect Emoji.png R006
Stepford Victoria <> Port Benton
Connect Emoji.png R008
Stepford Victoria <> Berrily
Connect Emoji.png R009
Stepford Victoria <> Edgemead
Connect Emoji.png R022
Beechley <> Whitefield
Connect Emoji.png R023
Stepford Victoria <> Stepford UFC
Connect Emoji.png R026
Stepford Victoria <> Llyn-by-the-Sea
Connect Emoji.png R030
Willowfield <> Berrily
Connect Emoji.png R031
Willowfield <> Stepford UFC
Connect Emoji.png R032
Willowfield <> Port Benton
Connect Emoji.png R033
Beechley <> Stepford Airport Central
Connect Emoji.png R034
Beechley <> Morganstown
Connect Emoji.png R035
Willowfield <> Westwyvern
Connect Emoji.png R036
Willowfield <> Llyn-by-the-Sea
Connect Emoji.png R045
Stepford Victoria <> Leighton City
Lane 4 (A) Airlink Emoji.png R051
Stepford Central <> Stepford Airport Central (E)
Stepford Central

(Platform 12-15)

Airlink Emoji.png R052
Stepford Central <> Airport Terminal 2 (E)
Airlink Emoji.png R053
Stepford Central <> Airport Terminal 2 (S)
Airlink Emoji.png R054
Stepford Central <> Stepford Airport Central (S)
Airlink Emoji.png R055
Stepford Central <> Airport Terminal 3


  • This was the first depot to spawn trains from more than one operator.
  • This depot's architecture is different from many depots because it has a large trainshed, and also features staff offices since its upgrade in V1.8.
  • This is the largest depot in the game as it houses 3 operators and 10 lanes, 4 in use.
  • During V1.1, many trains were bugged which made them impossible to spawn at Stepford Depot, however a few patches later this was eventually fixed. A similar issue occurred with the Class 755/3, but this bug was resolved as well.
  • This depot was added in V1.1. Before then, trains wanting to go to Stepford Central had to use Benton Depot.
  • Prior to V1.8, the former lanes 1 and 6 were closed. If they were in use, Stepford Express could use lane 1 and AirLink could use lane 6.
  • This is considered to be busiest depot in the game as it leads to Stepford Central, the busiest station in the game and a major terminating station, which is why most people spawn here.
    • This depot may be sometimes full due to the amount of people spawning there, though this is rare.
  • This depot is part of the first rebuild of Stepford East, which included the now demolished Stepford East ROC.
  • This depot received an overhaul in V1.8, adding new offices for Supervisors+, 4 more lanes (mainly for scenery), and a new trainshed.
    • It also received access on foot, with a door at the Bridge Street entrance leading to the depot. This is for Supervisors+ only.
  • There is a Class 720, a HST, a Class 801 and a Class 387 parked at the depot, for scenery purposes.
    • However, the Class 801 train on the depot is strangely classified as a Class 802, according to the TOPS classification on the train. This is likely due to both trains sharing the same model, with only different operator liveries.
  • Upon the release of V1.8, there was a bug that locked the aspect of signal D044 on danger, meaning that Stepford Express services bound for Stepford Central could not leave the depot.
    • This has since been fixed.
    • Also upon the release of V1.8, the speed limit signs show 45 MPH but it is programmed to 15 MPH, according to Signaller Manager billythepet 45 MPH is the correct speed limit, this has also been fixed.
  • A double-unit Class 387 can be seen right next to the Stepford Connect train shed, some people have said that this may hint towards a double-unit Class 387 joining AirLink’s fleet.
  • This is the second depot where a Class 43 can be found not in service, the first being Faymere Green Northbound Depot.
  • Before V1.8, this depot was the only place where slab track could be found.
  • This depot can spawn trains bound for every platform at Stepford Central except Platform 10.
  • This is the second depot to have an entrance to it, the first being Faymere Green TMD.
  • After (and as of) V1.8, this depot became the first and only depot where an out of service AirLink train can be found.