Stepford Depot is a train spawning depot that was added in the V1.1 update. This depot is unique from the other depots around in SCR because it can spawn AirLink, Stepford Express, and Stepford Connect trains. It is adjacent to Stepford East, but depot trains go straight to Stepford Central to start their service. There are four lanes in the depot, all of which are operational.

Depot Component

Depot Slot Routes Platform at Stepford Central
Lane 1


R075, R076, R077, R078 Platforms 1-3
Lane 2


R001, R002, R003, R007, R020, R021, R024 Platforms 4-9
Lane 3


R005, R006, R008,

R009, R022, R023, R026

Platform 11
Lane 4


R051, R052, R053, R054, R055 Platforms 12-15


  • This is the first depot to spawn trains from more than one operator.
  • This depot is also different from other depots, as its architecture is different from most depots because it has a triangle roof, and also has a different interior design.
  • This is the largest depot in the game as it houses 3 operators.
  • During V1.1, many trains were bugged that makes them impossible to spawn at Stepford Depot, a few patches later this was eventually fixed similar to the Class 755/3 bug which is patched up.
  • This depot was added in V1.1, before then, trains wanting to go to Stepford Central had to use Benton Depot.
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