Stepford County Railway Wiki

The Stepford County Railway Wiki has policies in place to indicate what pages may be protected by staff.

Common reasons for protection

  • Repeated acts of vandalism.
  • Stopping edit wars.
  • Repeated addition of leaked and/or unconfirmed content.
  • Repeated addition of policy-breaking content, including the Manual of Style
  • Protecting the display of the wiki; e.g. policy pages.

Unacceptable reasons

  • Disagreeing with an administrator or moderator; this is conflict of interest.
  • Reserving the page to be edited later.
  • Marking a page as done - wiki pages are never done, as language can always be improved upon.

Process of protection

  • Non-staff members should reach out to a staff member to request a protection, while staff members may just protect the page directly.
  • If you disagree with a protection, please feel free to bring this to the attention of a staff member. We will then review the protection, but we ask you to respect the final decision after this review.