Stepford County Railway Wiki

On the Stepford County Railway Wiki, assuming good faith is a core principle. This means that every contribution, may that be an edit, a comment, a Discussion post or a message on a message wall, was made with good intentions. That does not mean that obvious bad faith contributions have to be labelled as good faith contributions. Instead, it is focused around giving users the benefit of the doubt when it is not obvious.

Demonstration of good faith

In addition to assuming good faith, please also demonstrate it. If something seems to be a mistake, simply correct it without labelling it as vandalism. Instead, consider explaining your decision to revert an edit and allow the other parties to do so too.


Be patient with new users: new users may not truly be familiar with the wiki’s culture and rules yet. Instead of scolding them on first mistakes, let them grow into a valuable contributor and/or community member.

Keep an open mind and be open to advice: a new user might also question a practice they may not be familiar with. They might suggest something new that could help the wiki in general. Do not feel attacked by this. Likewise, new users should be open to advice of more veteran users of the wiki. Please assume that if a contribution has been undone, it has a good reason instead of it being a personal attack.

List of rules

The following rules are associated with this policy:

  • Edit warring
  • Minimodding
  • Editing the profile page of another user
  • Reporting posts that do not break one of our rules
  • Toxic behaviour
  • Trolling or being disruptive to the community