Stepford County Railway Wiki

The Stepford County Railway Wiki has a policy in place about files. This is to reduce unneeded files as well as making them accessible.

As a reminder:

  • You should only upload files relevant to the wiki.
    • Exempt from this rule are files uploaded for user pages.
  • Your files should be of a quality that is usable.


There is no set rule on naming, however, please name your files in a descriptive way. Files with names like “ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO(2).png” or “download.jpg” are not descriptive in any way. Please make a method for yourself on how you name your files. If you are found to name files in a non-descriptive way, your files may be deleted and you will be asked to re-upload the file with a descriptive name.

Files on pages

All articles with infoboxes must have a picture resembling the topic of the page. When adding pictures, you should always attribute the author of an image if the image you uploaded is not yours.  Attributions have to either be located in the file's description or on the caption of the image on the page using the image.

Unless one or more of the following applies to a picture, it is not to be removed.

  • The picture is inaccurate or outdated.
  • The picture is otherwise not a good-quality picture and better-quality pictures can be used, little to no effort was put into making it a good-quality picture, or it has a low resolution.
  • The picture has UI elements in it (unless absolutely needed).
  • The picture has notable changes made to it (e.g. added text, filters, vignettes not used for brightening). This includes watermarks.

List of rules

The following rules are associated with this policy:

  • Uploading irrelevant files
  • Not using descriptive file names