Stepford County Railway Wiki

The Discussion policy is where the SCR Wiki describes rules made especially for the Discussions, but also for message walls and comment sections of articles.


  • These features should only be used to discuss site-related issues and topics. They are not a general message board or messenger service.
  • These features should be used for wiki-specific issues only, please do not bring in issues and topics from other wikis.
  • Some specific posts are also not allowed. These are
    • Posts about upgrades of stations.
    • Posts that only give users one side of opinions to vote on.
    • Posts about the Berrily meme, including any variations with other adjectives and stations.

List of rules

The following rules are associated with this policy:

  • Removing punishments from your wall
  • Asking for answers to in-game quizzes or any applications
  • Creating irrelevant posts
  • Re-posting a post after staff removed it
  • Reporting posts that do not break one of our rules
  • Categorising posts wrongly/not categorising them
  • Creating posts that are forbidden:
  • Necroposting
  • Asking for personal information
  • Giving out personal information
  • Discussing sensitive topics
  • Creating posts to gain sympathy
  • Creating posts to manipulate others