Stepford County Railway Wiki

As the Stepford County Railway Wiki has policies in place to indicate what pages can be created, pages that do not follow these policies will be deleted.

Common reasons for deletion

  • The article is advertising.
  • The article includes hate speech or is a troll article.
  • The article is vandalism or spam.
  • The article is not relevant to the wiki.
  • The article is useless.
  • The article is a duplicate and/or covers a topic already covered in another article.
  • The article breaks any policy of the wiki.

Process of deletion

  • Non-staff members should add the Template:Deletion template to the page, while staff members may just delete the page directly.
  • If it is unclear if a page should be deleted or not, add the Template:DeletionProposal template instead.
  • If you disagree with a deletion, please feel free to bring this to the attention of a staff member. We will then review the deletion, but we ask you to respect the final decision after this review.