Stepford County Railway Wiki

Welcome to the Stepford County Railway Wiki. Please remember this is an editable wiki, which means that anyone who has had a wiki account for a few days can edit the information. This wiki is not run by the Directors, although we do have some staff members of SCR working with us, they are not here on official business.

We do try to keep information as accurate as possible, if you find any false information, feel free to edit it or tell a staff member.


The following is a full list of wiki rules divided into three different sections. These rules apply to the wiki only, and apply to all users.

These rules apply everywhere on the wiki, including the discussions, comment sections of pages, and editing. If you see someone breaking these rules, please inform one of our staff members.

Minor offences
Users who commit one of the actions listed below commit a minor offence and will receive a warning.
Action Information Associated policy
Not speaking English Our staff may be unable to moderate other languages, so we ask that you stick to speaking English. None
Being disrespectful
Not following staff instructions When staff tell you to stop, stop. If you disagree with a staff member, please let them know instead of continuing.
Swearing Even if not targeted at others, we only allow a minor amount of swearing. Acronyms are allowed, as well as the words 'damn' and 'hell'.
Posting unconfirmed information Please note that this rule is not valid if there is no doubt that it is correct (for example: a sneak peek posted with a station name or a signal name clearly being visible) or it is common knowledge (for example: Stepford Connect runs regional services).
Not editing according to the Manual of Style This rule includes, but is not limited to:
  • Not using British English when editing
  • Not using grammar when editing
  • Not maintaining a neutral and objective voice

For a full list of regulations, please check the Manual of Style.

Manual of Style
Creating duplicate, useless or irrelevant pages
Edit farming Edit farming is the act of continiously making minor edits for the benefit of gaining more edits.
Replacing parts of a page with nonsense
Uploading irrelevant files Files that do not relate to SCR may only be uploaded for personal use on your profile page. Files
Not using descriptive file names
Not editing according to the Categorisation policy Categorisation
Creating duplicate, useless or irrelevant categories
Removing punishments from your wall You may remove expired warnings. Discussions
Asking for answers to in-game quizzes or any applications
Creating irrelevant posts Do also not create duplicate posts or posts with no information, as that could fall under spam.
Re-posting a post after staff removed it
Categorising posts wrongly/not categorising them A guide on how to categorise your posts can be found here.
Creating posts that are forbidden
  • Posts regarding the likeliness of anything.
  • Posts about upgrades of stations.
  • Posts that only give users one side of opinions to vote on.
  • Posts following the scheme of "Is [insert train/operator/station] [insert cool and hip word]".
Necroposting Do not post reply to threads where the last reply was over 28 days ago. Comments will automatically get locked after this timeframe.
Edit warring Edit warring is the act of a party reverting edits of another party continuously. Good Faith
Minimodding From our experience, minimodding, which is the act of moderating despite not being a staff member, only provokes arguments.
Reporting posts that do not break one of our rules
Editing the profile page of another user
Major offences
Users who commit one of the actions listed below commit a major offence and will be blocked for a temporary period of time.
Action Information Associated policy
Vandalism on one page Block length: one month Manual of Style
Discussing sensitive topics Block length: one week Discussions
Creating posts to gain sympathy This rule is for less serious posts, often relating to posts which do not aim to make others feel sorry

Block length: two weeks

Asking for personal information Personal information that can be stated is your country.

Block length: six months

Giving out personal information
Toxic behaviour Block length: two weeks Good Faith
Severe offences
Users who commit one of the actions listed below commit a severe offence and will be blocked indefinitely or infinitely.
Action Information Associated policy
Using inappropriate profile information Block length: indefinite - the block will be lifted once the inappropriate profile information was removed None
Posting content made for mature audiences (18+) Block length: infinite
Uploading harmful content
Posting leaked material
Threatening others
Harassing others
Impersonating others
Being under 13
Trying to scam others
Scamming others
Abusing multiple accounts
Using alternate accounts to bypass a block Block length: infinite for the alternate account, the latest block time of the main account is doubled
Using inappropriate language This includes, but is not limited to, derogatory terms.

Block length: infinite

Violating any other Fandom policies/Fandom's Terms of Service Block length: infinite
Vandalism on two or more pages Manual of Style
Creating posts to manipulate others This rule is about more serious posts, like using sobstories

Block length: infinite

Trolling or being disruptive to the community Block length: infinite Good Faith