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There's no way to view this in-game and it's unlikely to be added back in again. Information is definitely outdated and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

The Stepford City Zone, located southwest of Bodin and Angel Pass, was a zone in Stepford County served by Stepford Connect, Airlink, and Stepford Express services. There were 10 stations and 1 depot in this zone. The zone has become the busiest since the V1.1 update, as Airlink, the Stepford Victoria Extension, and Stepford Depot were implemented. In V1.2, three more stations were added to the zone: Stepford High Street, Whitefield Lido, and Stepford UFC. In V1.4, Stepford Express was added, which made this zone busier than V1.1. In V1.6, a new station called Beechley was added with lots of new scenery, although it's unknown if it was actually part of this zone as it was released when zones were removed. With the new map, zones were removed.


  • All Connect and Express routes used to serve the Stepford City Zone. After V1.6, not all Connect routes serve this area. This is because of several routes being based at Leighton Stepford Road.
  • This was the largest zone in the SCR.
  • It is Stepford County's City Centre.
  • This was the only zone to have an entire route all encompassed in it, with them being R021 and R023, from Stepford Central/Stepford Victoria to Stepford United Football Club.
  • In V1.6, the area between Stepford Central and Beechley, has been redeveloped with commonly seen high rise tower blocks and (probably) council housing.
  • The bridge between Stepford Central and City Hospital is now on water with a triangle junction being implemented between these two station plus Financial Quarter.
  • It was one of the few zones where most of the Zone is connected, making Stepford Zone looking huge.
  • Due to the release of V1.6, this area has become even more congested and with drivers ending up to get a SPAD due to how congested it is.
  • Before The Big Update, all the buildings were identical and were lined up in a line. The only things different about each other were the colour.
  • From The Big Update onwards, the buildings were given a remake. They still had their blocky look, but were now separated by roads, and had different heights. The last surviving buildings with this layout was demolished in V1.7 with Stepford Victoria's upgrade,
  • The city got a huge remake in V1.3.16. The biggest changes were located between St Helens Bridge and Stepford Central. If you drive there now, you will cross several bridges, and you can see a large cathedral and many parks. You can also see many unique skyscrapers, including the Stepford Connect Headquarters. Adding also the so-called 'Teapot' tower which is a link to yrrebRBLX, which is supposedly called the "Haughton Foundry Tower" by Yrreb.
  • This zone was favoured amongst Signallers due to the high traffic.
  • If your render distance was high enough, you could see this zone from Llyn.
  • It is still unknown if Beechley is a part of the Stepford Zone, knowing that zones were removed before its appearance in 1.6.


Route Number Origin Destination Operator
R001 Stepford Central Stepford Airport Central Stepford Connect
R002 Port Benton
R003 Leighton Stepford Road
R004 St Helens Bridge Edgemead
R005 Stepford Victoria Stepford Airport Central
R006 Port Benton
R007 Stepford Central Morganstown
R008 Stepford Victoria Berrily
R009 Edgemead Stepford Connect (was Class 68 only)
R020 Stepford Central Whitefield Stepford Connect
R021 Stepford United Football Club
R022 Stepford Victoria Whitefield
R023 Stepford United Football Club
R024 Stepford Central Llyn-by-the-Sea
R025 St Helens Bridge Westwyvern
R026 Stepford Victoria Llyn-by-the-Sea Stepford Connect (Class 68)
R027 Stepford Central Berrily Stepford Connect
R028 Stepford Victoria Willowfield
R029 Beechley
R030 Willowfield Berrily
R031 Stepford UFC
R032 Port Benton
R033 Beechley Stepford Airport Central
R034 Morganstown
R035 Willowfield Westwyvern
R036 Llyn-by-the-Sea Stepford Connect (Class 68)
R051 Stepford Central Stepford Airport Central (E) Airlink
R052 Airport Terminal 2 (E)
R053 Airport Terminal 2 (S)
R054 Stepford Airport Central (S)
R055 Airport Terminal 3
R075 Benton (fast) Stepford Express
R076 Leighton Stepford Road
R077 Llyn-by-the-Sea
R078 Llyn-by-the-Sea (fast)
R079 Benton