Stepford Airport West is a through station in the Airport Zone. It is served by WaterLine services to Newry and James Street.

Platform Layout

Platform Number Service
Platform 1 WaterLine services to Newry
Platform 2 WaterLine services to James Street


  • This station was intended to be a terminal station, but the developers decided that the branch line for the station would be too short, so they added another station, James Street.
  • The station is also the first station to be fully underground.
  • The tracks between this station and James Street has the only lit up tunnels in the whole SCR system.
  • Despite this being stepford airport west, there is no connection to any of the other airport stations
  • the tracks after this station map right below stepford airport parkway station so instead of building this station, there could have been a way down from the airlink and connect platforms at stepford airport parkway leading to a waterline part of the station.
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