Stepford Airport West is a through station in the Airport Zone. It is served by Waterline services to Newry and James Street.

Platform Layout

>> Passing Service Direction

Platforms Services
1 Waterline services to James Street.
<< Waterline services to Newry.


  • The low ceilings on the platforms cause the top of the doors on some trains to reach above the ceiling.
  • This station was intended to be a terminal station, but the developers decided that the branch line for the station would be too short, so they added another station, James Street.
  • The station is also the first station to be fully underground.
  • The tracks between this station and James Street were the first lit up tunnels in the whole SCR system.
  • Despite this being a station in the Airport zone, there are no connections to any of the other airport stations, although you can hear Airlink trains from afar.
  • This station could be seen in the Stepford County Railway Intro, but is now replaced by Northshore.
  • The station resembles City Thameslink Station on the Thameslink network in London.
  • Cambridge Street Parkway and Stepford Airport West used to be the only stations on Waterline with a travel time of 2 minutes between them. However, when V1.6 was released, there is also a timing of 2 minutes between Morganstown Docks and Morganstown. The rest only have 1 minute.
  • The station has a very similar design to the new Leighton City upgrade.
  • This is the only underground station in Waterline.
  • This is the only Waterline station to have "Stepford" in its name.
  • This station, as well as Berrily and Angel Pass do not have OFF indicators despite being dispatchable stations.
  • Ironically, this station has lifts even though it isn't fully step free - there is a short escalator at the entrance
  • This station is interchange only for step-free users.


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