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'''Stepford Airport Parkway Depot '''is a depot used for [[AirLink]] trains spawning. It is located in the Airport Zone, facing towards Morganstown and Stepford Central. There is an another train spawning point near, which is the [[Stepford Airport Parkway Siding]]. The siding faces the other way towards [[Stepford Airport Central]].{{Building|title1 = Stepford Airport Parkway Depot|image1 = スクリーンショット 2019-01-01 19.43.09.png|zone = [[Airport Zone]]|station = Between [[Stepford Airport Parkway]] and [[Morganstown]] towards [[Stepford Central]]|use = [[AirLink]] trains spawning depot.}}
== Spawning Routes ==
R053 - [[Stepford Central]] <-> [[Stepford Airport Central]], stopping at [[Stepford East]], [[Elsemere Junction]], and [[Morganstown]].
R054 - Destination same as above, stopping at [[St. Helen's Bridge]], [[Berrily]] (Airport-bound only), and [[Stepford Airport Parkway|Airport Parkway]].
== Trivia ==
* This is the only depot excluding sidings that doesn't have a roof.
[[Category:AirLink Depots]]
[[Category:AirLink Depots]]

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