Stepford Airport Parkway Depot is a depot used to spawn Airlink trains. It is located in the Airport Zone, facing towards Morganstown or Leighton Stepford Road. There is an another train spawning point near, which is the Stepford Airport Parkway Siding. The siding faces the other way towards Stepford Airport Central.

Depot Component

Depot Slot Routes
Lane 1 (Airlink) R053, R054, R055, R056, R057
Lane 2 (Airlink)


  • This is the only depot (excluding sidings) that doesn't have a roof.
  • This depot is strange due to the fact that it is not adjacent to the station it is named after.
  • When you're doing R051 or R052, you won't be able to use this depot.
  • This depot has the most amount of stations that you can go to directly from the depot. These stations are: Leighton Stepford Road, Morganstown, St Helens Bridge and Stepford East, joint with Beechley Sidings.
  • This depot was called Morganstown Depot due to its close proximity to Morganstown, but that changed in an update around v1.0 for unkown reasons.
  • This depot was going to have a fence.
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