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SquadFam9000, also known as Squad and SquedFilm for short, as well as Blue Dream, is a Supervisor and a content creator on YouTube primarily making Stepford County Railway content.


  • Squad is best known for making a wide range of Stepford County Railway memes, with viewers noting the uniqueness of the content.
  • He is known for making various parodies of other significant non-SCR content creators, including Geoff Marshall, Jay Foreman and Tom Scott.
  • He is known for various series, including Fictional History of SCR, Breaking SCR, and Types of SCR YouTubers, where he compiles various stereotypes of SCR content creator styles.
  • Squad is perhaps best known for the characters and protagonists he has created in his videos, using different ROBLOX avatars to portray:
Characters created by SquadFam9000 (in order of first appearance)
Character name First appeared Last appeared Facts
Geoff Marshall Geoff Marshall visits Upper Staploe (parody) Secrets of Stepford Connect (christmas geoff special) Roblox model of British transport YouTuber Geoff Marshall. There have been different models in each appearance.
Uncle Roger Uncle Roger visits SCR One appearance Roblox model of Uncle Roger, also known as Nigel Ng.
Tom Scott The Gap In The Middle Of St Helens Bridge One appearance Roblox model of Tom Scott, a British YouTuber.
Paul Tyreman SCR Class 168 Faults and Failures SCR but it's a documentary intro (The Railway 24/7) Roblox model of Paul Tyreman, the centre of the Class 180 'You'll be going nowhere' meme.
Jay Foreman The unfinished Waterline Extension One appearance Roblox model of Jay Foreman, a British YouTuber.
Rick Astley Rick Astley becomes a Senior Guard SCR but it's a documentary intro (The Railway 24/7) Roblox model of Rick Astley, known for the rickrolling meme.
Rose my desiro city will go on One appearance Roblox model of Rose, from the Titanic movie.
Francis Bourgeois Francis Bourgeois jumps on a Waterline Pacer One appearance Roblox model of Francis Bourgeois, a transport personality.
Barry SCR but it's a documentary episode snippet (The Railway 24/7) LU Rant Song but it's SCR Self-created character based off the Barry, aged 63 meme and Boris Johnson. Has also appeared in Dweller videos, being voiced by Squad himself with a deep pitch. According to Squad in a livestream, Barry studied alcohol for most of his life and worked at the Staploe Tap, before being taken on at SCR.
Jim The SCR Minigames LU Rant Song but it's SCR Self-created character who debuted as a video game avatar aged 9. According to Squad, Jim is a 9 year old SCR fanboy who was abandoned when he was born.
  • His worthiness of the Senior Guard role often received criticism due to some of the content created being seen as 'unprofessional' for a Supervisor, although this has more recently toned down.
    • Despite this, he displays a form of professionalism while in the role.
  • One of his nicknames, SquedFilm, was given to him by fellow creator Dweller, during a filming session directed by the latter.
  • He is a member of the CDST Alliance, a group of SCR content creators (along with cameforthecash, Dweller and Train Stuff).
  • During late April 2022, Squad was demoted and banned from SCR for a few days due to allegations of him involving in the leakage of a sneak peek. He has continuously denied it, and after an appeal, he returned to the Supervisor team on the 2nd May 2022. Criticism later fell against Operations Director AsmeSolent over the handling of the case.
  • Squad uses DaVinci Resolve to edit videos, and he also uses After Effects to edit animated map videos.
    • Prior to late July 2022, he formerly used Shotcut.