Signallers [SG] is a Member role. Signallers receive access to the signalling room of the Railway Operations Centre where they may control signals around the network. This is the highest member role.

As of 20 June 2021, there are 776 Signallers in Stepford County Railway.

This application is currently closed.

How to get

The following is required in order to apply for this rank:

  • You need to be 13 years old or older to apply for Signaller in the Signaller Form in the SCR Official Discord when it opens.
  • You need to be in the SCR official ROBLOX group and be in the official Discord server.
  • You need to be a Guard or above in the SCR ROBLOX group.
  • You also have the chance to become a Signaller if you are a Supervisor. However, you still have to do the training.

Here are the steps to apply for this rank:

  1. You must fill out an application that is found in #application-forms (Qualified Driver+) in the SCR Official Discord. The opening and closing of the applications are handled at the discretion of the [SM] Signaller Manager.
  2. Once you passed the applications and become a Trainee Signaller, you will receive access to the Signalling Booklet. After reading it, you have to complete a theory quiz about the content from the guide. You need to pass the theory test with a certain score or above in order to proceed. You may attempt the quiz again if you fail.
  3. After that, you will have to attend two training sessions. They are:
    1. A Practical session, where you will be taught how to control the signalling desk under demonstration, and then you will get a chance to practise signalling under a controlled environment in a VIP Server with help and guidance. If you pass you can be eligible to take the assessment, and you have unlimited attempts for practical session.
    2. An Assessments session, where you have to control the signals at a signalling desk in a public server for 10-15 minutes without any help. Note that you have a maximum of 3 attempts only unless improvement is seen. If you pass you will then become an official Signaller.

NOTE: This will be changed when Training 2.0 for Signaller is introduced.

Department manager & supervisor

The Senior Signaller is the Supervisor and trainer of the Signaller rank, and are authorised to approve or deny mute and kick requests from Signallers.

The Signaller Manager is the Manager of the Signaller role, and are authorised to open and close Signaller applications when felt needed, They are also in charge of making sure that Trainee Signallers are trained up, and the Signalling department is running smoothly.


Signallers are given a small number of commands to help deal with situations they may come across. However, they are still Members and must request permissions from a Senior Signaller, Manager or Director to use the mute or kick command. The commands they receive can be found on the Commands page.


The whole network of SCR is divided into 6 signalling zones. Each signalling zone is controlled by an individual signalling desk, which are located in 4 different places.

Avoiding demotion

  • Don't try and annoy people by deliberately adjusting the signals to danger without any purpose.
  • Do not abuse your admin commands on others.
  • Don't use this rank as a way to discriminate lower ranks nor use commands without further knowledge.
  • Don't abuse or be insulting to staff and try avoiding getting into very 'outstanding' conversations with rude or intolerable people.
  • Abide by all rules listed in the signalling handbook you are given.
  • Being a Signaller does not exempt you from having to follow dispatching rules so make sure to follow them as well.
  • For those who complain about a SG on the job, and are of a smaller rank must show respect and understand how complicated it is to operate a system.
  • Don't cause signaller SPADs (SPARs).
  • Don't do anything that will get you banned from the Discord.
  • Don't abuse the Guard role. If you do this, you may get demoted to Dispatcher.
  • Abusing the Dispatcher role may get you demoted to Qualified Driver.
  • Don't abuse the Qualified Driver rank or you will be demoted to Trainee Driver.
  • Do not be in the Signaller role with no intention to signal.


Signallers were originally called 'Controllers' before The Big Update and at time there were about only 8 people who had this rank.

On December 28, 2017, there was a public 'Controller' training which boosted the number of controllers from 8 to about 20.

The old signalling room used to be in Coxly and it only had physical buttons to change the signal and cameras to view the trains passing by, which made it hard to signal at that time. This area has been taken out of use as part of The Big Update, and was replaced by the Benton ROC. However, the area was still accessible to Signallers until it caught the attention of the developers and it was locked off completely. The area was completely demolished when Coxly Station was rebuilt in V1.6.

The signalling programme had a complete rewrite in the Big Update, and now it requires an application process and three stages of training.

In Version 1.1, the Rail Operations Centre was relocated from Benton to Stepford East.

Since V1.1, the number of Signaller applications has increased to 246 applications with 90 accepted applicants, and then up to 446 applications with 97 passers.

The July 2019 batch had nearly 700 applicants, and 138 passed. The October 2019 batch included an unrevealed number of applicants and 188 passed.

In V1.4.4, the Stepford East Rail Operations Centre was replaced by the Stepford Rail Operations Centre at Stepford Central, with the Stepford Central refresh/renovation done by yrrebRBLX, one of the Product Developers.

The May 2020 batch had approximately 800 applicants, and 163 passed.

In V1.7, the signalling system received another complete overhaul, which include a new interface, better train monitoring, camera views and mobile/gamepad compatibility, plus reducing the number of signalling zones in the network from 12 to 6.

After the revamp, instead of locating all desks in the Stepford ROC as in the past, 3 of the desks were relocated to the new signalling boxes located at Beaulieu Park, Benton and Starryloch. Among them, the Starryloch Signal Box was short-lived, which has been replaced by the new ROC at Llyn-by-the-Sea in V1.7.2.


  • Players whose applications are passed will receive 'Trainee Signallers' tags in Discord Server. Players who pass the training will be promoted, while the tag can be removed when the trainees fail or do not pass before the training batch is closed. However, in the Roblox group, 'Trainee Signallers' are not mentioned.
  • Once they pass applications, trainee signallers can then attend the trainings and assessments in order to get promoted and become an official Signaller. Usually most Trainee Signallers will pass the assessment and get promoted. Only very few have failed trainings, most often they are removed for not attending. Unless you do something very wrong, you will most likely not get demoted.
  • Before Low Ranks were changed to Members, some considered this rank a Middle Rank in the community because they have some privileges of Supervisors. However, according to BanTech, they were never considered a Middle Rank.
  • Until May 2020, Dispatchers were allowed to apply for this role, because Guards were not added yet.
  • In the batch of May 2020, Dispatchers were allowed to apply for this role, even though Guards were already added.
    • This is because at that time, V1.5 had just released and the Guard role was highly popular and hyped, leading to a serious shortage of guard training sessions due to an extremely high demand. As a result, many qualified dispatchers are unable to get trained to be guards, and therefore uneligible to apply for SG. Eventually the HNS decided to allow dispatchers to apply for signallers for this batch only to eliminate the above issue.
  • This is the only rank in the Members role which requires applications.
  • This is the only rank in the Members role to have some of the SCR Discord BoostClub benefits such as Screen-sharing permissions (Go Live). This also applies to all Supervisors+.
  • With the release of a sneak peek of Training 2.0, some people speculated that Signaller applications will not reopen until Training 2.0 releases. However, Signaller applications did open after the release of said sneak peek. The release date of Training 2.0 is also unclear, with BanTech stating that it will be rolled out to Qualified Driver, Dispatcher, and Guard training before later being available for Guards to train to Signaller using it.
  • Unlike Signallers in real life, Signallers in SCR cannot control the points manually. This is likely due to complexity in coding, plus avoiding situations of trolling signallers causing derailments and crashes, though trolling signallers seldom appear as it is not easy to obtain the SG rank.
  • You can access the Signallers' role in a VIP Server, irrespective of whether are you an official signaller in the SCR Roblox group. However, those who are not official SCR signallers will not obtain access to any signaller commands when being a signaller in a VIP server, unless if they own the server.
  • In the future, the requirement of being 13+ and be in the SCR Discord Server will be removed when Training System 2.0 for signallers is introduced, as the Signalling application and training process will be fully conducted in-game, and will no longer involve any third-party platforms (i.e. Google Forms, Google Drive and Discord). Also, there will be training servers for Signallers, just like other trainings.
  • As of version 1.7.2, a new Signaller Training Academy has been added at Llyn-by-the-Sea station, right below the lounge. It may be used to train the new signallers in the future.
  • The old image for the Signaller icon is billythepet, the Head of Network Signalling (now called Signaller Manager).
  • According to BanTech, the signalling system will receive another rework soon, including completely redoing the way signals, junctions and platforms work for better handling of real traffic in-game. In addition, as part of the Training 2.0 upgrade for Signallers, a system to enable training new signallers with AI traffic instead with real trains running will also be created for the signalling system.
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