Senior Guard [SGD] is a Supervisor role that is senior to Guards. They can host Guard Trainings with the approval from the Head of Guard Operations, the manager in charge of Senior Guards and Guards.

There are currently 28 Senior Guards in Stepford County Railway.

This application is currently closed.

To Achieve This Rank:

The following is required in order to apply for this rank:

  • You must be 13 or older.
  • You must be in the SCR official ROBLOX group and be in the official Discord server.
  • You must be a Guard or above.

Here are the steps to apply for this rank:

  1. You must fill out an application that is found in #application-forms in the SCR Discord server. The opening and closing of the applications are handled at the discretion of the [HGO] Head of Guard Operations.
  2. Once you have been selected from the applications, you would have to finish a few trainings in order to officially host and co-host Guard training and become an official Senior Guard.


  • This is the newest Supervisor rank.
  • The first Senior Guards that were promoted before V1.5 all transferred from Senior Dispatcher.
  • The October 2020 batch has an unknown number of applicants and only 20 of them passed the round.
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