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SCR Version 1.9 is a major update of Stepford County Railway. It was released on 15 May 2022 at 21:00 BST.

Official Changelog

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  • The community anticipated this update to bring a huge Waterline revamp along with the Waterline Extension at James Street (as mentioned in the Directors Q&A on 23 October 2021), but it was only for the Newry branch and a Stepford Express extension. Many players thought this has ruined the peace in Waterline (due to the fact that fast trains use the same Waterline tracks, rather than passing tracks meant for them) and that the extension of Stepford Express was unnecessary.
  • Players were also very surprised when the update came out when it did as they had anticipated there would be more sneak peeks leading up to the update.
  • Some people also thought the rail connection between Benton and Morganstown on Stepford Express ruined the purpose of the Morganstown Shuttle on Waterline.
  • Players have also criticized the redesigned Network Maps being odd and overly complex and preferred the previous ones.
  • The overhauled Eden Quay was criticized for being too generic and lost the "feel" of it, as it was no longer on a quay/river.
  • This update, despite revamping a branch in Waterline, did not bring any new Waterline routes and instead only new Stepford Express routes. On the contrary, some players wanted new Waterline routes as there are only six at that moment.
  • People also criticize the amount of stops Stepford Express serves on the Newry branch, as only West Benton and Faraday Road on the branch do not have any Stepford Express services. Some players say that this, along with the fact that Stepford Express now stops at Westercoast via R083, ruins the purpose of the operator as a large-station-exclusive high-speed service.
  • On the other hand, many users complemented the nice new station designs and the scenery for the extension. The Newry Harbour and Eden Quay areas in particular are the most popular.
  • Players also praised the implementation of disruption events, as they think that it created more life in the game.