Stepford County Railway Wiki

SCR Version 1.8 is a major update of Stepford County Railway. It was released on 5 December 2021 at 19:00 UTC.

Official changelog


Depots and sidings


Programming and performance

  • Updated movement system
  • New platform occupancy detection
  • New section-based signalling, junction and platform system
  • Streaming system changed to Roblox's built-in part streaming system
  • Prompt-based seating to avoid accidentally sitting on a train
  • Terminus stopping requirement at some terminals to encourage trains to go close to the buffers
  • Improved depot spawn timeout system to prevent multiple trains spawning on top of each other
  • Emergency brake indicator for signaller interface
  • Separation of manual and auto state on signaller interface for better control of state reversion/rollback
  • Removed many unnecessary assets from preloading and instead preload just before they are needed and/or rely on Roblox's built-in loading system to decide when and what to load
  • Delay propagation to simulate a more realistic operational railway experience

Other changes

  • Route refresh: Stop patterns changed on many routes and more variety added, including Stepford Connect now operating 1XXX headcode services as well as 2XXX and 9XXX
  • Announcements: New announcers on Waterline, Stepford Express and AirLink, as well as new station announcer. New announcements for short platforms at stations, 'change here for' announcements onboard and more
  • Changes to announcement speakers for improved 3D immersion
  • New offices at Stepford East depot for Supervisors+
  • As well as station improvements, re-development of the whole Leighton area with Leighton City now being the major station in Leighton instead of LSR
  • Complete re-do of the Whitefield line and its scenery
  • New signal, OFF indicator and repeater meshes, as well as new AWS ramp and TSS grid meshes on the tracks. Also new ticket gate, ticket machine and smart card reader meshes around the map
  • Some new sound improvements on the Class 165, 166, 168, 170, 171, 332 and 333

Changes not mentioned in the official patch notes


  • Despite many people praising the update for being the game's largest and most exciting, this update was also criticised for being the buggiest yet, with several bugs affecting gameplay. These included trains sometimes being unable to close their doors at some stations, trains being randomly despawned for exploits being detected despite not having exploits in use, AWS bugs, and most importantly, the approach signals at Leighton City, St Helens Bridge, the departure signals of Beechley terminating platforms and the depot signal of Beechley Sidings would sometimes turn into a Danger aspect irreversibly, with no way of being set back to Proceed by a Signaller. While most of these bugs have since been fixed, some still remain, negatively impacting gameplay.
  • The update was also criticised for several 'unecessary' station upgrades, primarily Stepford United Football Club and Leighton City, with some players angrily demanding that they be reverted back to their pre-V1.8 appearances.
  • Leighton West was criticised for being a pointless station as it has an extremely low train frequency after V1.8.0 despite its popularity in the early days of V1.8.0.