Stepford County Railway Wiki

SCR Version 1.7 is an update released to the public on 29 October 2020. There were many changes made throughout the network, including a Stepford Express rebrand starting with rolling out the mesh Class 801, various new routes, scenery and station upgrades, a new signalling system and more.

Official changelog[1]

  • Class 801 mesh train upgrade released.
  • New Stepford Express branding released. Leighton Stepford Road and Westwyvern are now owned by Express.
  • Electrostars upgrade: Class 387, 379 and 377 [converted to 5-car 377/7].
  • Airlink branding update completed for stations and signage. [2]
  • New track to create a triangle at Morganstown and a new overpass between St Helens Bridge and Elsemere Junction. [3]
  • 3 new Stepford Express routes via the line through Morganstown.
  • New "via" announcement at stations.
  • New station: Upper Staploe.
  • 10 complete station overhauls including a new Connect terminating platform at Benton. [4]
  • New Connect route Benton to Leighton Stepford Road.
  • 2 additional station entrance upgrades.
  • The Lounge now open at Stepford Central.
  • 3 brand new depots/sidings and an overhaul of Benton depot.
  • Various landmark scenery upgrades.
  • New custom billboard format at Benton.
  • New manual signaling interface with new desk locations, with mobile and gamepad support.
  • New role icons and minor menu changes.
  • New uniforms for all roles to reflect the updated branding. Qualified Driver uniforms now adapt to the operator.
  • Promo codes / Redeemables.
  • New menu music options from Monstercat.
  • More keybinds for keyboard and wider gamepad/Xbox support.
  • Minor train movement improvements.
  • and many bug fixes and minor changes…

Other changes

  • Bodin dispatchability added.


  • The new signalling system now includes supervisor desks where Signallers+ can see all the signals around the network, although you can't change the signals.
  • The new signalling system also have desk zones spread out around the network. The following are:
  • The full white station signs at Elsemere Junction and Leighton Stepford Road have been changed to Airlink and Express respectively.


  2. All airport terminals, Elsemere Junction, Airport Central and Airport Parkway have gotten Airlink signage. Airlink platforms at Stepford Central have recieved Airlink branding.
  3. The overpass can be seen at New Harrow.
  4. These are: New Harrow, Elsemere Pond, East Berrily, Beaulieu Park, Morganstown, Bodin, Benton, Benton Bridge, Hampton Hargate and Water Newton.